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Index of Patriot Survival Scout Newsletters

Welcome to the Patriot Survival Scout Newsletter index page. Below is a list of many of our weekly newsletters. Whether you're new to preparedness or well along on your self-reliance journey, you'll find these articles helpful. Please share. The Patriot Survival Scout newsletter comes weekly and provides reminders from our nation's history, timely updates, self-reliance advice and stories from other Patriots on their preparedness journey. Stay alert, friends!

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Improvisation: When Plans (Inevitably) Fail
Is Your Plan Water-Contamination Proof?
Which Needs Come First?
Practice the Ultimate Preparedness Principle
Weekend Without Power-A Quick Story & Challenge
How to Talk with Friends and Family about Preparedness
It Collided with the Earth: The Carrington Event
Shipping Thousands of Survival Items Daily: The Story of Patriot Crystal
It Was "The BIG One" - Look Out California, Midwest & Northeast
Need Not, Want Not - The Top 5 Items to Hoard in Bulk
Before You Brew It, Know What's In It
What's the Worst That Could Happen? A Mom Prepares After Terrorism
The Preparedness Prophet
When Mother Nature Makes All a Fool
Life-Giving and Deadly: How to Prepare for Water Contamination
Looks Like the Power Will Be Out... For Years
Preparing for If Chaos Destroys the Establishment
72 Hours From Chaos
Why Billionaires Are Now Preparing
Chaos Brewing? Don't Wait for the World to Boil Over
What Presidential Promises Mean for Preparedness
Learn From Those Who've Come Before: The Story of Patriot Larry
My Patriot Supply - Self-Reliance Planner
Merry Christmas: The meaning Behind the Message
Learn 4 Essential Survival Tips From Winter's Past - Including 1888
One Simple Piece of Preparedness Wisdom
The Godmother of Thanksgiving, Sarah Josepha Hale, Prepared
What's Sheepdog Preparedness?
Disrupting Your Food Supply - It's Easier Than Most Think
Why Kansas is Preparing for Zombies
The Truth About Gold-Backed Preparedness
Check it Twice: Will You Forget These?
A Black Swan Event May Be Near
1 in a Billion - A Chance Not Worth the Risk
What To Do - $1.1 Trillion - Our National Debt
4 Tips for Patriots That Make the Most of Harvest
The 9/11 Hero Who Saw it Coming - and Prepared
Avoid This Pride Before the Fall
Prepare for Adventure - A Unique Approach
4 Strategies for Sustaining Your Food Supply
Shots Fired Were Made of Bread and Chocolate
The One Survival Skill You Might Be Missing
They'd Help You Too - Steve Callahan's Survival Secrets
How Can We Loose an Entire Summer?
The Hungry History of Washington's Army
Fun Ways to Teach Kids Preparedness - Pass it On
Food Storage Flexibility - See Two Great Choices
Master These Emergency Food Cache Building Principles
3 Tips on Talking About Preparedness
Save the Seeds, Save the World
The 2 Essentials Needed for Summer Travel
The Three Little Pigs & Preparedness
U.S. Debt Default
The Right Preparedness Mindset Matters
Crisis in the Big City? 2 Principles to Prepare By
Preparedness Lessons Learned From the Race for the Whitehouse on CNN
Dustin's Story
Special Preparedness Bulletin - Family Edition
Must Haves For a Barter Based Economy
Declare Your Food Independence
Financial Myth-Busting From a Survivalist
Disturbing Things People Do With Their Tax Refunds
Survival Lessons From a Hollywood Movie?
The Lesson That Transformed My Approach to Preparedness
Preparedness Planning Advice - 3 Tips
3 Reasons to Grow a Preparedness Garden
3 Preparedness Lesoons I Learned from Snow Storms
Food Prices on the Rise Again (Part 2)
Food Prices on the Rise Again (Part 1)
Important Things you Need to Know This Week
Opposable Thumbs? There's More...
Christmas Riots? The History of a Merry Christmas
What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?
Patriots Eating Dog Food? Read This Special Report
Don't Get Caught Unprepared This Fall

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