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Emergency Lighting & Power

Never be caught without light again.  Our Colonial Concepts 100 Hour Candle will burn steady and brightly for up to 100 hours even in the harshest of conditions.  Our sturdy design makes for a compact inclusion in any emergency bag. 16-Hour Citronella Candle 36 Hour Survival Candle
16-Hour Citronella Candle
Our Low Price: $4.95
36 Hour Survival Candle
Our Low Price: $4.95
A cost-effective, bright light source for emergency and survival situations. Burns clean, is odorless and smokeless. Safe for indoor use. Sturdy and compact. The pleasant aroma of Citronella acts as a natural mosquito and insect repellent. This handy emergency candle has a 16-18 hour burn time rating! Three wicks allow variable light and heat. Burning time is 36 hours using one wick at a time or 12 hours using 3 at once!
Green Glow Stick AA Battery Pack
4" Green Light / Glow Stick
Our Low Price: $0.85
Search and rescue, military and emergency personnel rely on these glow sticks for cost-effective, instant light that lasts up to 6 hours. Add to your go-bag. 4-in-1 Emergency Flashlight is a USB charger, FM radio, MP3 player and LED flashlight all in one rugged, easy to store waterproof unit. With a solar charger and a manual crank charger. 4-pack of AA rechargeable batteries!
AAA Battery Pack 'Guide 10' | USB Solar Charging Adventure Kit
4-pack of AAA rechargeable batteries with insert to be used with the Guide 10 Adventure Kit!
Experience the Best Selling USB Solar Charging Kit to keep yourself powered at home and on the go. Free shipping and the lowest price! Click on the picture to view more details and see the amazing video of this product in action!

Emergency Power Generators and Lighting

An emergency power generator is essential in a crisis. Solar power generators harness the sun to give you a sustainable energy source. We also carry surefire ways to stay out of the dark in a crisis from candles to glow sticks. All of these options are great for at home or on-the-go use.

Our most popular options:
Get reliable power generation and lighting when you need it. Its something that everyone living the preparedness lifestyle needs.
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