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Heirloom Charleston Gray Watermelon Seeds | Grow Charleston Gray Watermelons Heirloom Congo Watermelon Seeds | Grow Congo Watermelons Heirloom Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds | Grow Crimson Sweet Watermelons Heirloom Moon & Stars - Red Watermelon Seeds | Grow Red Watermelons
Charleston Gray is a big juicy watermelon variety for your home garden! Mature melons weigh 25 to 35 lbs! Average: 85 days This variety has one of the highest sugar contents of any watermelon! Fruit ranges from 30 to 50 pounds! Average: 85 days Great, sweet flavored melons - a popular watermelon variety! Average: 85 days The oval rind of this unique watermelon variety is speckled with with yellow. The large spots resemble the moon and the smaller ones on the green rind resemble a star studded sky! Average: 95 days
Heirloom Sugar Baby Watermelon Survival Garden Seeds | Grow Sugar Baby Watermelons
This early standard “icebox” watermelon is popular throughout the world! Average: 80 days
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