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Home Canning Equipment

Whether you can food as a hobby or for emergency preparedness, home canning is one of the most effective methods for the long-term storage of food. MyPatriotSupply is proud to feature everything you need to start home canning today, from reusable tattlers lids, to canning water baths, dissolving jar labels, and other competitively priced canning equipment. Browse our high quality home canning supplies and equipment below and find everything you need to start home canning today.

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'The Art of Canning'
Experience the Art of Canning with this exciting and informative DVD featuring the West Ladies!
The BallĀ® Brand Dissolvable Labels are made to adhere securely on jars during storage & use, and then dissolve easily away in water during cleanup! Accommodates all jar sizes and fits in your drawer! Holds Seven One Quart Jars, Dishwasher Safe!
JarBOX Jar Storage | Innovative Mason & Canning Jar Storage
JarBox - Quart Size
Our Price: $19.95
The stack-able JarBox makes shelves unnecessary! Protects your canning jars from breaking while being space-efficient! Stainless Steel Dual-Use Steam or Water Bath Canner with Home 5 Piece Canning Kit Why buy a copycat when you can get the REAL Victorio food strainer?
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