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Heirloom Grand Rapids Leaf Lettuce Seeds | Grow Grand Rapids Leaf Lettuce Heirloom Iceberg Head Lettuce Garden Survival Seeds | Grow Iceberg Head Lettuce Heirloom Red Romaine Lettuce Seeds | Grow Red Romaine Lettuce Organic Lettuce: Batavian - Arianna (500mg)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds
Crisp and tasty, this is a super addition to your salad! Average: 43 days Large compact head with mild flavor superior to the supermarket variety! Average: 62 days This Romaine type lettuce has a bronze-red head with a green heart. The best color and flavor develop during cooler weather. One of the slowest to bolt, tolerates heat and is also cold hardy! Average: 50 days Arianna Batavian Lettuce is a large, crispy variety of iceberg lettuce and a favorite in both salads and gardens.
Organic Lettuce: Batavian - Great Lakes (500 mg) - Heirloom Seeds Organic Lettuce: Butterhead - Buttercrunch (500mg)- Heirloom Seeds Organic Lettuce: Butterhead - Summer Bibb (500 mg)- Heirloom Seeds Organic Lettuce: Butterhead - Tom Thumb (500 mg) - Heirloom Seeds
Great Lakes lettuce belongs in the "iceberg" category of lettuce which makes it a staple for salads and sandwiches. Buttercruch Lettuce is a very popular Butterhead Lettuce variety, famous for its delicious flavor and buttery texture. Average: 62-68 days Bibb Lettuce is a favorite variety for crisp salads. It is also a hardy plant that grows well in most regions. Tom Thumb Lettuce gets its name from the small heads of greens it produces.
Organic Lettuce: Leaf Black Seeded Simpson (500mg) - Heirloom Seeds Organic Lettuce: Leaf - Deer Tongue Amish (500 mg)- Heirloom Seeds
A quick producer of light-green lightly crumpled juicy leaves! Average: 50 days A heavy producing variety with triangular leaves and great texture, and a pleasant sharp flavor! Average: 50 days Flame Leaf Lettuce is known for its distinctive red color. It is also a hardy variety that is slow to bolt. Lollo Rossa Darkness Lettuce has a mild flavor but a big visual impact.
Organic Lettuce Leaf, Royal Oakleaf (500 MG), Heirloom Seeds Non-GMO
Watch your Royal Oakleaf Non-GMO seeds grow into CCOF certified organic lettuce. Prizehead Leaf Lettuce is a popular variety for home gardens and produces rich, green leaves tinged with maroon. Sunset Leaf Lettuce is a beautiful, crisp addition to your garden and your plate. Valerie Lettuce is a colorful addition to mixed greens.
Organic Lettuce: Romaine - Parris Island Cos (500 mg)- Heirloom Seeds Organic Lettuce: Romaine - Rouge Di Hiver (500 mg)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Organic Lettuce: Romaine - Silvia (500 mg) - Heirloom Seeds, Non-GMO Organic Lettuce: Romaine - Vivian (1G) -  Heirloom Seeds, Non-GMO
The highest nutritional value of any lettuce, dating back to 1835! Average: 66 days It's name means "Red of Winter", and this French heirloom lettuce does indeed thrive in cool conditions! Average: 55 days A beautiful and flavorful base for salads. Average: 60-75 days Vivian Romaine Lettuce (1g) is the perfect base to everyday salads.
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