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Ultimate Seed Kit
Patriot Seeds Ultimate Seed Kit | My Patriot Supply

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Patriot Seeds

Ultimate Seed Kit

NEW! SAVE 50% TODAY!The Patriot Seeds Ultimate Seed Kit was designed for those who cannot get enough seeds. It includes 100 varieties of 100% heirlooms, no hybrids or GMOs. Each is individually sealed in triple-layer Mylar packets for five years in storage, even longer at lower temperatures.

Perfect for:

  • Seed Collectors
  • Seed Vaulting
  • Self-reliant gardeners and farmers

Here are the 100 Varieties inside the Ultimate Seed Kit:

  • Onion: Yellow Sweet Spanish
  • Tomato: Beefsteak
  • Pepper: California Wonder Bell
  • Lettuce: Romaine - Paris Island Cos
  • Broccoli: Green Sprouting Calabrese
  • Cauliflower: Snowball Self-Blanching

  • Beets: Detroit Dark Red
  • Tomato: Rutgers
  • Tomato: Homestead
  • Bean: Black Turtle
  • Spinach: Bloomsdale
  • Bean: Pinto
  • Melon: Hales Best Jumbo
  • Pepper: Jalapeno
  • Squash: Black Beauty Summer Squash
  • Eggplant: Black Beauty
  • Herb: Chamomile
  • Tomato: Cherokee Purple
  • Pepper: Habanero
  • Herbs: Basil Cinnamon
  • Watermelon: Moon & Stars
  • Pepper: Sweet Banana Pepper
  • Cantaloupe: Iroquois
  • Oregano
  • Lettuce: Butterhead-Buttercrunch
  • Kale: Dwarf Blue Curled
  • Tomato: Large Red Cherry
  • Beets: Early Wonder Tall Top
  • Onion: Evergreen Bunching
  • Beets: Sugar Beet
  • Tomato: Ace 55
  • Tomato: Roma
  • Celery: Tall Utah
  • Cucumber: National Pickling
  • Pepper: Hot Anaheim
  • Kale: Siberian Kale
  • Rhubarb: Victoria
  • Carrots: Imperator
  • Watermelon: Charleston Gray
  • Beets: Red Mammoth Fodder
  • Mustard: Southern Giant Curled
  • Dill Dukat
  • Pepper: Serrano
  • Lettuce: Iceberg Head Lettuce
  • Carrots: Danvers 126
  • Kale: Red Russian
  • Melon: Heart of Gold
  • Melon: Minnesota Midget
  • Pepper: Cayenne
  • Broccoli: Waltham
  • Okra: Clemson Spineless
  • Onion: Crystal White Wax
  • Pumpkin: Sugar Small
  • Mustard: Tendergreen
  • Carrots: Little Finger
  • Watermelon: Sugar Baby
  • Cucumber: Boston Pickling
  • Swiss Chard: Rainbow Blend
  • Corn: Golden Bantam Sweet Corn
  • Parsnip: All American
  • Squash: Early Summer Crookneck
  • Onion: Walla Walla
  • Watermelon: Congo
  • Lettuce: Grand Rapids
  • Herbs: Broadleaf Sage
  • Squash: Vegetable Spaghetti
  • Herbs: Arugula
  • Radish: Cherry Belle
  • Herbs: Genovese Basil
  • Squash: Early Prolific Straightneck
  • Broccoli: Di Cicco
  • Swiss Chard: Fordhook Giant
  • Parsnip: Hollow Crown
  • Herbs: Chives-Garlic
  • Lettuce: Red Romaine Lettuce
  • Bean: Dark Red Kidney
  • Cucumber: Lemon
  • Mustard: Giant Red
  • Cucumber: Spacemaster 80
  • Herb: Lemon Balm
  • Pepper: Hungarian Hot Wax
  • Lettuce: Leaf-Black Seeded Simpson
  • Turnip: Seven Top
  • Spinach: Giant Noble
  • Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield
  • Squash: Buttercrop-Burgess
  • Radish: Champion
  • Corn: South American Yellow Popcorn
  • Radish: China Rose Winter
  • Squash: Winter-Vegetable Spaghetti
  • Squash: Winter-Waltham Butternut
  • Lettuce: Romaine-Rouge Di Hiver
  • Beans: Kentucky Wonder
  • Turnip: Purple Top White Globe
  • Cabbage: Red Acre
  • Tomato: Yellow Pear
  • Beans: Contender
  • Pumpkin: Connecticut Field
  • Eggplant: Long Purple
  • Tomato: Manitoba

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    Alot August 20, 2017
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Northville, MI United States  
    I did not expect to see this many packets of many, many different type of seeds. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

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      0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
    NEW WORLD ORDER YOURS August 19, 2017
    Reviewer: Edmund Vallee from Laporte, CO United States  
    As usual great ORDER with incredible mix of Heritage Seeds. Really wish they all would have been packaged for long term storage in anything other than a cardboard BOX. I love the heavy plastic containers and the sealed paint cans but a cardboard box?
    Your all still the Best and In sure the low price of the package you offered was a factor.
    Loyal Customer To The End and that may be sooner than we all think🤔

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      0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    How many total seeds August 13, 2017
    Reviewer: Jeff from arkansas  
    How many total seeds???? in this kit i know says 100 varietys but does not say total seeds ex does it have 100,000 or 25000 total???

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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    Great Buy! August 3, 2017
    Reviewer: Tony Klothos from Markham, ON Canada  
    Never realized how many I was buying till the box showed up! Great value, thanks!

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      1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
    Ultimate Seed Kit July 27, 2017
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Felton, PA United States  
    We will not be using these until next year but all arrived quickly.  Large variety!

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