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Organic Peas: Cascadia (14G)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Organic Peas: Progress No. 9 (12g)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds
Organic Peas: Cascadia (14g)
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Organic Peas: Mammoth Melting
Our Low Price: $1.79
You can serve some of your Cascadia Pea harvest as a side dish or use the peas in a variety of dishes. As their name suggests, Mammoth Melting Peas are the largest variety of sugar peas and are known for their fine flavor. Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas are a high-yield pea variety that produces tender and delicious snow peas. Progress No. 9 is a hardy, wilt-resistant pea variety that can provide a bountiful harvest in your garden.
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Heavy yields of smooth 6-7" pods that are packed with cream colored peas with a black eye. Average: 60 days Dates back to 1773! Average: 57 days Grows best in cooler weather and is among the earliest picked each year! Average: 59 days Heat tolerant and reliable, dating back to 1908! Average: 67 days
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Also known as the Improved American Wonder, this heirloom dates back to 1900! Average: 63 days
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