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Onion seeds from Patriot Seeds are dependable, non-GMO heirlooms. Organics too.

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Heirloom Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion Heirloom Seeds | Grow Yellow Sweet Spanish Onions Onion: Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion (500mg, 140 seeds)

This delicious onion stores well, and produces a mild and pleasing taste! Average: 115 days

Our Low Price: $1.97
Evergreen Bunching Seeds (250 mg) - Heirloom, Non-GMO Organic Onion: Evergreen Bunching (250 mg)

Stems are long, white, tender and have a fine onion flavor. Comes back every spring! Average: 60 days

Our Low Price: $1.97
Heirloom White Sweet Spanish Onion Seeds | Grow White Sweet Spanish Onions Onion: White Sweet Spanish (500mg, 120 seeds)

Best choice for onion rings or salad onion. A good winter keeper! Average: 115 days

Our Low Price: $1.97
Heirloom Red Burgundy Onion Seeds | Grow Red Burgundy Onions Onion: Red Burgundy (500mg, 100 seeds)

Excellent slicing variety, mild and sweet flavor! Average: 100 days

Our Low Price: $1.97
Heirloom Crystal White Wax Onion Seeds | Grow Crystal White Wax Onions Onion: Crystal White Wax (500mg, 130 seeds)

This white variety is used to produce pearl or pickling onions with wonderful mild flavor! Average: 90 days

Our Low Price: $1.97
Organic Herbs: Chives - Garlic (500mg)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Organic Herbs: Chives - Garlic (500mg)

Garlic Chives grow up to 12" tall and produce attractive white flowers, great for your herb garden! Average: 80 days

Our Low Price: $1.97
Organic Onion: Walla Walla (250 mg)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Organic Onion: Walla Walla (250 mg)

This sweet organic variety is an overwintering type that's good for fall or early spring sowing in the north! Average: 115 days

Our Low Price: $1.97