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Water Filtration, Treatment and Storage

At My Patriot Supply, we believe that water filtration is a top priority, not only for preparedness, but for everyday hydration as well.

Water contamination is a huge concern in emergency scenarios, especially floods, hurricanes, and extended power outages. Filtration is critical in these scenarios, as all water for cooking, cleaning and drinking will need to be treated.

However, often water contamination is a crisis all on it's own, caused by aging infrastructure, government ineptitude, pollution and more.

We recommend that every American think about equipping their homes and emergency kits with solutions for these contamination concerns.

That's why we offer a range of water filtration and treatment options, including our own Alexapure family of innovative solutions, including:

At My Patriot Supply, all of our portable water treatment solutions are tested and used with our own families. You can be confident you're getting the best water purification products. Enjoy safe, clean water every day and when you need it most in an emergency.