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Dwarf White (Grey) Sugar Snow Pea Seeds (453g)
Heirloom Dwarf White (Grey) Sugar Snow Pea Seeds | Grow Dwarf White (Grey) Sugar Snow Peas


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Dwarf White (Grey) Sugar Snow Pea (453g):
Thin, flat pods are about 3", sweet, crisp, fiberless, string-less and just delicious. Short 30" vines are the earliest and the most dwarf of the snow peas. Wilt resistant.

Planting Instructions:
Easy to grow, peas love cold weather, so plant the seeds directly into the garden (they do not like to be transplanted) as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. One to two weeks before the last anticipated spring frost is a good rule of thumb for planting time. Sow the seeds 1 to 2 inches apart and 1 to 1½ inches deep. In warmer areas, peas are also ideal as a fall crop started in late summer. To conserve space and simplify harvesting, sow in double rows with a trellis between rows. Help the young vines to begin climbing up the fence or trellis as soon as they are able. Snow peas are a delicious treat in stir-fries, soups, and as a stand-alone side dish. Add Dwarf White Sugar to your vegetable patch this season!

Pick the snow peas regularly to promote growth of new pods. They should be harvested when pods are still flat and the seeds are small and underdeveloped. Pick the flat pods at just 2 to 2½ inches long for succulent, stringless flavor. Very heavy-bearing plants climb about 30 inches up a trellis or pea fence, setting big yields every inch of the way. You will love how productive these fast-growing little plants can be.

Saving Seeds:
Leave three or four snow pea pods on the plant, preferably near the top of the stems where they will be exposed to less shade. Wait until later in the season when the fresh pods are less palatable. Water the snow pea plant as usual, but avoid splashing water onto the pods because excess moisture may cause the seeds inside to mildew or rot. Prune back the surrounding foliage to increase air circulation around the pods. Shake the pods after they turn dry and brown and listen for rattling. The seeds are ripe and ready for harvest if they rattle freely inside the pod. Remove the pods from the plant. Place the snow pea pods in a paper bag and fold the top closed. Store the bag in a warm, dry place away from direct sunlight for two weeks to further ripen and dry the seeds. Crack open the snow pea pods and remove the round, light brown seeds. Inspect the seeds. Throw away any with black spots, soft spots, shriveling or other signs of damage. Keep those with a smooth, unblemished seed coat. Put the snow pea seeds inside a plastic storage bag and seal the top. Store them in the freezer for 24 to 30 hours to kill any insect larvae they may harbor. Shake the bag periodically to knock loose any debris or dead insects. Store the dried snow pea seeds in an airtight jar inside the refrigerator for up to three years. Place a small silica desiccant pack inside the jar to absorb any excess moisture that may cause the seeds to mildew.
  • Seeds are open pollinated and can be grown, harvested, and replanted endlessly
  • Dried & sealed airtight for long-term storage
  • Nutritional value: Contains vitamin C, iron, potassium, protein, and magnesium.

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Will start some next week March 15, 2017
Reviewer: Mike Clifton from Jackson, GA United States  
Over all I have always been impressed with My PATRIOT Supply seed. Still to cold to plant here.

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Great seeds! January 13, 2014
Reviewer: Concerned about the future from Kansas  
Arrived very fast!  Thanks!

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Best Price! Fast Service! Best Packaging! 5 Stars November 1, 2013
Reviewer: David Hill Texas Best Flooring Company from Dallas , TX United States  
I am trying to get all my employees at Texas Best Flooring Company in Dallas Texas to plant their own gardens this spring.  I bought A LOT of seeds and all of them came in perfect condition and packaging.  Right now all the seeds are in our company freezer (I hope this is ok) waiting to be issued in the spring.  Every employee who wants to participate will be given all the seeds they want once they have submitted their drawings for their back yard gardens.  I David Hill the owner am doing my part to get people to be more self-sufficient and stop relying on the main stream sources for food.  The seeds we received are great as we are all beginners.  Thank you for making the ordering process easy and we received our order in like 4 days wow fast turnaround.  http://texasbestflooringcompany.com

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Pea: Dwarf White (Grey) Sugar Snow Pea - 1 Pound April 21, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from ME United States  
nicely sealed bag

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