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We've rounded up over a dozen of our favorite Christmas Stocking Stuffers for self-reliance and emergency preparedness.

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Green Glow Stick Light 4" Green Light / Glow Stick

Search and rescue, military and emergency personnel rely on these glow sticks for cost-effective, instant light that lasts up to 6 hours. Add to your go-bag.

Our Low Price: $0.85

Instafire Single Pouch - Natural Fire Starter Instafire Single Pouch - Fire Starter

A safe, simple, and versatile natural fire starting product. It has water-repellent properties, a 15 minute burn time and a 30 year shelf life. Safe. Simple. Versatile.

Our Low Price: $1.45

Colonial Concepts Emergency Blanket Emergency Blanket by Colonial Concepts - Made in the USA

Durable, lightweight and compact emergency survival blanket that helps protect you from the elements by reflecting heat back to the body. Thermal material used in space exploration.

MSRP: $4.95
Patriot Price: $2.95
Save $2.00

Stainless Steel Drinking Cup Stainless Steel Drinking Cup - 12 ounce

A heavy duty stainless steel 12-ounce drinking cup with rolled edge. Solid handle. Lightweight. Easy-to-clean. Dependable. Perfect for cooking a small meal.

Our Low Price: $3.45

Waterproof Survival Matches from Colonial Concepts Waterproof Matches (4-Pack) by Colonial Concepts

Four packs of waterproof, windproof matches. Compact and easy to stow for any emergency survival situation. Lights easily even in wet, windy conditions. Include in your go bag.

List Price: $3.75
Patriot Price: $3.45
Save $0.30

Compressed Disposable Hand Towels - 12/pkg Compressed Disposable Hand Towels - 12/pkg

Compact disposable towels for travel or emergencies. Just add water!

Our Low Price: $3.95
Emergency Poncho (2-pack) by Colonial Concepts

Colonial Concepts Emergency Ponchos 2-pack. Stay warm and dry if an unexpected storm hits. Lightweight, durable protection from wind and rain. Includes 2 ponchos.

MSRP: $4.75
Patriot Price: $3.95
Deal of the Day Price: $3.45
Save $1.30

Colonial Concepts Patriot Grub N Tool Patriot Grub N Tool by Colonial Concepts

NEW! 5 useful tools in one for eating, camping and emergency survival. A must for your go bag. No one should leave home without it.

MSRP: $4.75
Patriot Price: $3.95
Save $0.80

Magnesium Fire Starter Magnesium Fire Starter

This magnesium fire starter produces a flame source of 5400°F (2982°C). Compact and lightweight providing sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires. Even when wet.

Our Low Price: $5.95

Living off the Grid

A simple guide to creating and maintaining a self-reliant supply of energy, water, shelter and more. Take control of the resources and services you depend on.

Our Low Price: $10.95

Organic Culinary Herb Garden Seed Kit

8 USDA organic seed varieties of delicious culinary herbs. 100% heirloom seeds, no hybrids or GMOs. Stores 5+ years. Harvest seeds for future seasons.

MSRP: $15.95
Patriot Price: $12.95
Save $3.00

Survival Spring by Alexapure, the pocket-sized water filtration solution King's Camo Desert Shadow Survival Spring

Exclusive King's Camo Desert Shadow pattern. Filters up to 300 gallons. Eliminates up to 99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa. Compact, field-ready for survival.

Our Low Price: $24.95
Deal of the Day Price: $14.95
Save $10.00

Potassium Iodate Tablets for Radiation Potassium Iodate Tablets - KIO3 (170mg 60ct)

BEST SELLER! If there's a nuclear event and you are down-wind, you should take KIO3 before the radioactive plume reaches you. Potassium iodate protects the thyroid.

Our Low Price: $15.95

Emergency Survival Kit with 46 Items and Tools Survival Kit with Guide (46 pieces)

This is an all-in-one solution for a crisis featuring 46 different items including bandages, personal hygiene items, fishing hooks and survival guide. Every vehicle or go bags should have one.

Our Low Price: $19.95

4 in 1 Hand Crank Solar Flashlight and Radio 4-in-1 Hand Crank LED Flashlight & Radio by Colonial Concepts

4-in-1 Emergency Flashlight is a USB charger, FM radio, MP3 player and LED flashlight all in one rugged, easy to store waterproof unit. With a solar and a manual crank charger.

MSRP: $24.95
Patriot Price: $19.95
Save $5.00

Alexapure Breeze Micro Air Purifier with Essential Oil Reservoir Alexapure Breeze Micro

NEW! Compact, convenient air purifier, runs in 12V car outlet. Negative ion purification and essential oil diffusion. Plus nightlight. Reaches a concentration of up to 3 million negative ions per cubic meter.

MSRP: $24.95
Patriot Price: $19.95
Save $5.00

Survival Spring by Alexapure, the pocket-sized water filtration solution Survival Spring Personal Water Filter

Filters up to 300 gallons of water from any fresh water source. Removes up to 99% of bacteria, microbes and protozoa. Fits in your pocket. Use outdoors, for travel or in an emergency.

Our Low Price: $24.95

Survival Spring by Alexapure, the pocket-sized water filtration solution King's Camo Mountain Shadow Survival Spring

Popular King's Camo Mountain Shadow pattern. 3-stage filtration, up to 300 gallons. Eliminates up to 99% of waterborne bacteria, protozoa. Keep one at home, in the car, in your backpack.

Our Low Price: $24.95

25 Dollar My Patriot Supply Gift Card $25 My Patriot Supply Gift Card

Perfect for sharing the value of self-reliance! Valid for any MPS products. Use these gift cards either online or by phone.

Our Low Price: $25.00

Alexapure Go Portable Water Filtration Bottle Alexapure Go Water Filtration Bottle

Groundbreaking Alexapure technology captures sediment, microbes, lead, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants from any water source. Safe, clean, healthy hydration.

MSRP: $34.95
Patriot Price: $29.95
Save $5.00

$50 MyPatriotSupply Gift Certificate $50 My Patriot Supply Gift Card

Popular for a Christmas stocking-stuffers or gift-giving. Spread the value of self-reliance. Redeem either online or by phone.

Our Low Price: $50.00

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