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'Survivorman' Les Stroud Endorses My Patriot Supply for Ensuring Safety and Fostering Self-Reliance

Summary: 'Survivorman' Les Stroud is endorsing My Patriot Supply and its line of emergency preparedness, self-reliance, water filtration and food-independence products. The revered survival expert announced the "wonderful new relationship" with My Patriot Supply through a brief video posted to Twitter.

Les Stroud, the author, activist, filmmaker, and musician who is perhaps best known for his featured role in the eponymously titled 'Survivorman' television series, took to Twitter to offer a resounding endorsement of My Patriot Supply's array of emergency preparedness, self-reliance, water filtration and food-independence products.

Widely credited as the creator of the immensely popular Survival TV genre, Stroud's success as 'Survivorman' is the product of a lifetime spent accumulating vital expertise on self-reliance and wilderness survival regardless of the situation or circumstance. Stroud's sterling reputation as a survival expert is why his endorsement of My Patriot Supply is especially meaningful to members of the vast community of people deeply committed to the principles of emergency preparedness and self-reliance.

In the video posted to Twitter, Stroud, seen hiking through the wilderness environs with which he is so familiar, discusses how he has "embarked on wonderful new relationship with My Patriot Supply" before offering his full-throated endorsement of the company by describing My Patriot Supply as a "great place to go to become more self-reliant and find products to ensure your safety in all kinds of situations."

The relationship between My Patriot Supply and Stroud should come as no great surprise, as both have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to ensuring safety through emergency preparedness and a deeper sense of self-reliance. Through his platform as 'Survivorman' -- along with his efforts as an author, activist, and filmmaker, among many other exploits -- Stroud shares critical survival skills and self-reliance strategies, many of which countless viewers have gone on to credit as instrumental in enabling their survival of what might have been an otherwise deadly ordeal in the wilderness.

My Patriot Supply's products, which include emergency survival food, self-reliance tools, water filtration and other survival essentials, are perfectly aligned with the very same principles espoused by Stroud. Recognizing the urgency of sharing with others the vast array of mutually held survival and preparedness principles, My Patriot Supply responded via Tweet to the endorsement offered by 'Survivorman' with a compliment followed by a call to action, saying, "Les Stroud knows how to be self-reliant, no righter time than right now to get moving with that preparedness journey."

About My Patriot Supply
My Patriot Supply provides a wide selection of products designed to ensure a greater degree of emergency preparedness, food independence, and total self-reliance for the sizable community of Americans who recognize the value of properly preparing for a crisis or any other kind of unpredictable situation or circumstance.