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Shop our collection of melon seeds including cantaloupes and crenshaws.
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Heirloom Iroquois Cantaloupe Survival Garden Seeds | Grow Iroquois Cantaloupe Iroquois Cantaloupe Seeds (2g)

Great, sweet flavored melons! Average: 80 days

Our Low Price: $1.79

Organic Melon: Crenshaw (1g)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Organic Crenshaw Melon Seeds (1g)

Enjoy fresh Crenshaw Melons grown in your own garden and start your crop with 100% heirloom seeds from Patriot Seeds.

Our Low Price: $1.97

Organic Melon: Hales Best Jumbo (1g)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Organic Hales Best Jumbo Melon Seeds (1g)

Hales Best Jumbo is one of the most popular Organic open pollinated varieties! Average: 85 days

Our Low Price: $1.97

Organic Melon: Heart of Gold (1g)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Organic Heart of Gold Melon Seeds (1g)

The vigorous, blight resistant vines of this organic melon variety are very productive and deliver nice 3 to 4 pound melons! Average: 90 days

Our Low Price: $1.97

Organic Melon: Honey Rock (1.5g)- Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds Organic Honeyrock Melon Seeds (1.5g)

Grow delicious, sweet Honey Rock Melons in your home garden.

Our Low Price: $1.97