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Patriot Pantry
How do I store my food?

The best way to store our food is in a dry area, away from direct sunlight, such as a basement, root cellar, garage, or shed. The recommended storage temperature is 72F or below. Food will remain edible if stored at higher temperatures. However, prolonged heat may reduce the nutritional value of food over time. Our military-grade Mylar was designed to protect your food investment and will withstand nearly any temperature. If food is stored in less than ideal temperatures, for a limited time frame, there should be no adverse effects to food supply. Extreme cold temperatures will not affect your food supply.

Is there meat in the entrees?
  No, there isnt meat in any of our entrees. They are prepared with either chicken or beef stock. We do have both chicken and beef available in our Mega Protein kit. The reason that meat is not included in recipes themselves is that the preparation process for long term storage is a bit different. The entrees are dehydrated and the chicken and beef are both freeze-dried. They are different because both beef and chicken often contain fats. If not prepared correctly, the fats can become rancid over time. This would ruin the entre and definitely shorten the shelf-life of your preparedness foods.
How big are the totes?
  10 Gallon 26 x 18 x 7
4 Gallon 18 x 12 x 7