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Patriot Seeds
Are your seeds organic?

We have recently added an Organic seed line. Please check our Heirloom Seed list (hyperlink) to see the different varieties.

How do I store my seeds?

We do not recommend that you put your seeds in the freezer, as this can affect the germination rate. The seeds are living organisms and donŐt always survive being frozen. Please store in a cool place. Your refrigerator, root cellar or pantry should be fine.

What is the Safe Seed Pledge?

Why didn't my seeds grow?

Why didnŐt my seeds grow?

  • The level of alkalinity of your soil
  • Cooler or hotter temperatures
  • Over or under watering
  • Not enough or too many nutrients in your soil
  • Not stratifying your seeds
  • Or, other uncontrollable environmental factors.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every seed will germinate.