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Native American wildflowers are perhaps the most striking and beautiful additions you can make to your garden. Browse all of our high quality heirloom wildflower seed packets below. Our wildflower seeds are packaged in special triple-layered, resealable, reusable mylar packets - designed to significantly increase the shelf-life and viability of the seeds. So not to worry if you don't get around to planting all of your wildflower seeds this year! Our seeds are designed for long-term storage, but priced for planting this year. That's the My Patriot Supply difference!
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Borage (1g, 130 seeds)
Our Price: $1.50
Makes a wonderful tea, but also has medicinal uses! Average: 50 days This quick-blooming wildflower is one of the florist's staples! This tender perennial blooms a brilliant red-orange with yellow hoods! Used for both medicinal and culinary purposes! Average: 80 days
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A gracious host for the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, the root of this plant has many medicinal purposes! Used for a relaxing fine flavored tea and as a gentle sleep aid. Leaves and flowers are antiseptic! Average: 60 days This annual species blooms in a strawberry red, and it's delightful fragrance attracts bees by the score! Named after an 18th century doctor who promoted this perennial as a digestive aid, this striking plant will make a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape! Average: Varies
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Often confused with phlox, this highly fragrant flower is commonly seen in road ditches! Used medicinally by herbalists the world over! Average: 46 days This old fashioned garden favorite is popular among many people. Reaching heights of four to eight feet, it towers above most other plants and is often used in background borders! Leaves may be brewed into a tea with soothing and medicinal properties for colds, flu, sore throat, bruises, and burns! Average: 50 days
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A wonderfully scented wildflower that can also brew a refreshing cup of tea! Average: 80 days These lilac, pink or white flowers are funnel-shaped and sweetly fragrant! One of the most beautiful of the large Asters, this showy perennial wildflower brightly displays Autumn's royal colors! Imagine dipping perfect, five petaled flowers into neon red paint, then setting them on bright green stems for all to admire!
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Among its many uses, Lavender is used for drying for use in sachets and potpourris and is also popular in perfumes! Average: 60 days The Oswego Indians first introduced wild bergamot to American colonists during the time of the Boston Tea Party. Wild bergamot replaced the tea that was thrown into the Atlantic ocean! Average: 45 days Cluster-like flowers quite similar to white yarrow make this reddish-pink variety a delightful species! Average: Varies Highly valued for its herbal properties, yarrow is not only a useful plant, but a beautiful one as well! Average: Varies
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