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The Digital Public Infrastructure: A Giant Digital Gulag

May 03, 2024 0 Comments

Database center glowing in a dark room

Do you ever hear something and think it sounds so crazy that it must be true? 

That’s how I felt when I listened to award-winning journalist Alex Newman on “The Glenn Beck Podcast” this past week.

He went into detail discussing the 50-in-5 campaignheaded by the UN and Bill Gates—that intends to implement a digital public infrastructure.

If we had heard about this just ten years ago, we would have believed that it was futuristic science fiction.

But as you’re about to discover, it is highly likely that this digital public infrastructure will be implemented—and it will be a global grid for control.

What Is the 50-in-5 Campaign? 

A gray background with blue circles in the corner from the 50 in 5 website.

According to the 50-in-5 website, “50-in-5 is a country-led advocacy campaign. By 2028, the 50-in-5 campaign will have helped 50 countries design, launch, and scale components of their digital public infrastructure.”

The digital public infrastructure essentially combines all the different means of digital personal collection into ONE central infrastructure.

From the website: “Digital public infrastructure (DPI) – which refers to a secure and interoperable network of components that include digital payments, ID, and data exchange systems – is essential for participation in markets and society in a digital era.”

Alex Newman explains, “The U.N. and Bill Gates are building ‘a giant digital gulag for humanity’ to assert digital control from the top down using tools like CBDCs and digital IDs to not only monitor what you do, but manipulate it.

The 50-in-5 campaign aims to have 50 countries—or governments—impose some major elements of this digital public infrastructure on their population within five years, by the end of 2028.

It is going to be packaged as something that is for our benefit.

They’re going to draw us in with the benefits. They already are. 

According to the United Nations Development Programme:

All countries, regardless of income level, geography, or where they are in their digital transformation journey, can benefit from being a part of 50-in-5. Joining the campaign helps ensure countries don’t have to tackle DPI implementation alone or start from scratch. By implementing DPI components, participating countries can stimulate innovation and local entrepreneurship, enhance access to services and opportunities for all people, and pave the way for more interoperable technologies and collaborative global communities.

Then, they are going to say it is something needed, and without it, you will suffer.

The UNDP claims:

Failure to prioritize DPI implementation, the adoption of DPGs, or the sharing of best practices can leave countries trapped in digital monopolies or disjointed digital ecosystems with low or poorly governed safeguards. This would stifle innovation, restrict public benefits, and expose citizens to significant risks.

It is not for our benefit. It is for THEIR benefit.

If they have access to so much personal data, just imagine what they can do.

They will be able to monitor EVERYTHING we do. 

And with the help of AI to sort the data, they can manipulate what you do, too.

The Facets of Digital Public Infrastructure

We’ve written about various issues with digital IDs and CBDCs, but this takes them to a whole new level. 

If they are successful in combining different digital sources, we will lose our personhood.

A microchip implanted in your hand can tell the government everything it needs to know about you, from your personal identification information to how much money you have in the bank or on your charge card. 

Let’s look at some of the different facets of this digital public infrastructure being created as we speak.

Digital IDs

A person with their thumb up, virtual-looking blue rings surrounding the thumb.

Digital IDs are a new-ish technology. 

Each individual is given a digital ID by providing biometric identification, such as fingerprints or facial scans on your phone.

Using this biometric identification, the government will issue and manage your digital ID.

You will be told that this will make it more convenient and easier to bank, travel, get healthcare, and more.

You will also be told to keep a digital ID on your smartphone—with all your data including your SSN, insurance numbers, and bank accounts—and get rid of anything physical.

Currently, fourteen states in the United States already have some form of digital ID.

You may have noticed you now have the ability to use a digital ID at the airport. Soon, digital IDs will do away with the need for passports.

[Read More: Digital IDs: This Is How the Elites Take Everything from Us]

Central Bank Digital Currency

A CBDC is a digital form of currency that centralizes all of a country’s citizens' financial information in a digital database controlled by the government. 

According to Reuters, “A total of 130 countries representing 98% of the global economy are now exploring digital versions of their currencies, with almost half in advanced development, pilot or launch stages.”

Why is CBDC a problem? 

A CBDC takes the control of money from banking institutions into the government's own hands. 

According to CATO:

The problem is that there is no limit to the level of control that the government could exert over people if money is purely electronic and provided directly by the government. A CBDC would give federal officials full control over the money going into–and coming out of–every person’s account.

[Read More: Central Bank Digital Currency Tyranny Is Coming: How to Prepare]

Digital Health Certificates

Remember when you needed a COVID-19 vaccine card to get into certain venues or events? 

Digital health certificates follow this same pattern.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has created the Global Digital Health Certification Network as “the first building block of digital public health infrastructure.”

According to WHO:

Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic response, there is a recognition of an existing gap and continued need for a global mechanism that can support bilateral verification of the provenance of health documents for pandemic preparedness and continuity of care. The GDHCN can be used as an infrastructural building block to support additional use cases, which may include, for example, the digitization of the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, verification of prescriptions across borders, the International Patient Summary, verification of vaccination certificates within and across borders […].

That’s not scary or anything...

Universal Blockchain Ledger

Another facet of the Digital Public Infrastructure is the Bank for International Settlements's ability to implement tokenization with a universal blockchain ledger.

The Bank for International Settlements is an international financial institution fostering monetary and financial cooperation.

The Bank of International Settlements is already working on this universal blockchain ledger and attempting to tokenize every asset in the universe. Every farm, every car, every house, everything.

The goal is for citizens to be able to interact with the blockchain ledger using their biometric digital ID and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

In clearer terms, if you want to buy something, you connect to this blockchain system and transfer CBDCs.

The Foundation Is Already Laid

The foundation for digital public infrastructure is already being laid.

It won’t be too far in the future where your digital device will tell the government everything about you.

It may not just be a digital device with your biometric data. 

Some countries, such as Sweden and Germany, already have tons of citizens implementing microchips into their hands.

In fact, this started before the pandemic.

However, when Sweden announced that the coronavirus vaccine passport requirement would be implemented, “the number of people who got microchips inserted under their skin rose.”

The microchips had already allowed Swedes to access their apartment buildings without a key fob, get into their local gym without a membership card, ride public transport, and more.

The pandemic introduced another way to use digital technology.

Take Steps Toward Self-Sufficiency Before It’s Too Late

A person holding a wood crate full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Don’t get it wrong. This is 100% about control.

Newman explains, “The architecture being laid down is where a situation could emerge where people could be prevented from buying or selling [or entering other countries] if they won’t participate.

Have you ever not been able to make a purchase because you needed a credit card and only had cash? 

More cashless venues and payment processes are popping up. These coincide nicely with the rise of digital public infrastructure.

When you combine digital technologies that are scary enough on their own, the scene is horrifying.

Here’s what you can do to prepare for what’s coming: 

  • Make wise purchases today. Think carefully about what you buy today. There may come a day when you won’t feel safe making those same purchases, such as emergency food and heirloom seeds
  • Stock up on bartering supplies. When America embraces the DPI, not everyone will be on board. But cash will be useless. In this case, you’ll have to barter. Stock up on items that will be easy to barter in the future. 
  • Pay attention. Stay aware of what is happening and educate othersWe’re telling you first. Your sense of control is about to be taken, friends.


In liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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