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How to Talk with Friends and Family about Preparedness

April 05, 2018 0 Comments


How to talk to friends and family about preparedness

One of the things we hear from loyal customers like you at times is that it's difficult to talk about preparedness with others.

Not only are we battling some ugly stereotypes, but it's easy to believe others won't care or have too many objections to listen to us.

Trust me, I get it. I've been there.

But, after all, our own preparedness and self-reliance depend on those we love joining us.

That's why I'm writing you today - I've found some easy ways to teach others about preparedness when it comes up in conversation.

The truth is, when approached in the right way, with confidence and a touch of humility, you can easily start the most compelling conversation of the day.

Tip #1: Be Honest - Tell Your Story

Most folks like us who are committed to preparedness all have a reason for preparing.

It's usually tied to a story. Storytelling is one of the most persuasive forms of communication.

Maybe for you, it was getting stuck in a snowstorm or having weather knock out the power for days. Maybe it was the events on 9/11 or some other world event.

Stories like these are easy to relate to. Your friends and family can put themselves in your shoes. This alone may motivate them to get prepared.

By the way, if you have a great story like this, we'd love to share it in hopes of helping more people get prepared. Simply reply to this email to let us know, or click here to tell your story.

Tip #2: The Insurance Angle

The un-prepared might tell you that they don't get the need for a preparedness plan. They think they have everything they need at home, so why worry?

Or maybe these folks have gone as far as getting the government recommended 3-day plan in place and stopped there.

This is a good time to ask someone, "Do you carry health, auto or life insurance?" Most people understand the need to mitigate the costs associated with a surgery, a car accident or a funeral with insurance.

Well, it's easy to explain that a long-term food preparedness plan is like insurance coverage, except it has some unique benefits.

First, when you put a long-term plan in place, you're preparing to protect the health and safety of your family - not just the costs associated with doing so. Second, when you need it, your preparedness plan pays off immediately - no need to file a claim or talk to adjustors.

If you've been personally affected by a long-term emergency, you know the value of a preparedness plan. Your own experience can lend a lot of credibility to the "insurance angle," so -again - don't hesitate to tell your story.

Tip #3: "If you can plan a vacation..."

So what about folks who understand the need for preparedness, but just can't invest the time and effort in building a plan?

Most of the time, these folks are just overwhelmed. They don't have the confidence and the information necessary to guide them through their preparedness journey.

One way to talk friends and family through this objection is to tell them that "If you can plan a vacation, you can plan for emergencies."

Think about it: if you're able to book flights, hotels, attractions, rental cars and save all the money necessary for a good time, you should be able to plan for when things go wrong as well. Right?

This is when you want to give folks resources to help them along. As you know, it's our passion to help folks, no matter where they are in their preparedness journey. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours and our preparedness experts are standing by for them.

Have them call us at 866.229.0927 if they have questions.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to show them a simple way. Being that person can be an incredibly gratifying experience.

Tip #4: Give a Preparedness Gift

Finally, one of the best ways to get people interested in practicing the preparedness lifestyle is by giving a gift.

When you give someone a preparedness gift, not only do you show you care, but you welcome someone into the lifestyle without any risk or commitment.

One great gift idea is a book; of which we carry many. Click here to view our selection of books on the topics of homesteading, preparedness, gardening and self-reliance.

Another great gift idea is emergency food. Whether you just want to give a few sample pouches of food, or a complete emergency food supply, we have great ideas for all your gift giving.

Run into someone at a little league game? Keep a few pouches of food in your bag or car to give away. Our case packs are a perfect way to do this because you get to choose the recipes. To check out our case packs, click here.

Ultimately, my message to you is: don't get discouraged. If you're passionate, confident and use these tips, you will go a long way in spreading the preparedness message.

Have a great weekend, and stay safe out there, friends!

In Liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson, Preparedness Advisor

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