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Patriots Eating Dog Food? Read This Special Report

March 20, 2018 0 Comments


I've finally decided to share another little known secret of the food storage industry. One that likely will result in me getting nasty letters from some of my competitors. Some of whom are people I personally know. But the truth needs to be said!

The secret that the preparedness industry - and indeed the food industry in general - doesn't want you to know is that there are three major classifications for food ingredients.

1.    Fresh Produce

2.    Rejeced from fresh, assigned to dry goods

3.    Rejected from dry goods


The best looking and most nutrient-dense food grown in this country is almost always reserved for the fresh produce aisle. That's why you see such great-looking fruits & vegetables in your super market. This comprises the "fresh produce" classification of ingredients.

Then comes the second class for dry goods. Anything that is rejected from the fresh produce classification, usually due to visual defects, lack of sufficient flavor or nutrients, is then passed down to this second classification. All packaged dry food companies draw from this classification, as these are the ingredients reserved for and made available to them.


But what happens to the ingredients rejected from the dry goods category that simply don't make the cut? They get pushed into the third classification which is "rejected from dry goods".

So what's done with all of this 'food' that's rejected from both the fresh produce and dry goods categories? It's turned into emergency food storage and animal feed.

That's right, the majority of the food storage companies on the market are sourcing their ingredients from the category typically reserved for pet food.

It's incidentally why most of them also include MSG and autolyzed yeast extract, because the food that reaches that ominous third classification lacks almost all taste and nutritional value.

(In a future e-mail I'll explain why what is on your food label might not be what is inside it - it's quite shocking!)

But why? The answer is simple. As I shared with you last week, the majority of the preparedness industry has been gobbled up by investment groups, some of them foreign. Investment groups care about one thing: the bottom line.

Every day they focus on lowering the cost of their goods to increase their margins. When there's no loyalty other than to the almighty dollar (Federal Reserve Notes) there simply isn't any motivation to do the right thing. After all, so many people have gotten away with it for so long!

When My Patriot Supply launched our very own line of food storage several years ago we decided on day one that we would NEVER purchase our ingredients from that third classification.

Our process is to constantly attempt to source our ingredients from food that is reserved for the fresh produce category first. I'll be honest with you, we're not successful at this as often as we would like to be. But every month we make an attempt and buy up as much as we can. We fill the gaps with ingredients reserved for the dry foods industry, and we do not, even in a crisis, purchase ingredients from the dry food reject category.

I never in my life thought I would have to say this...but I promise you right here and now that I'll never try to serve you dog food.

If the right ingredients aren't available, we won't make or sell the food. We refuse to make our product with ingredients we wouldn't feed to our own families.

Having a complete passion for controlling where our food comes from has its challenges. The primary challenge is the ever rising cost of food. The stuff that's rejected from fresh and dry goods has a pretty stable price - no one wants it anyway. But, with the droughts that have stricken this country and our dedication to sourcing only the best USA grown ingredients I fear a price increase may be lingering in our future. We will continue to hold off as long as we can, but if that day comes, at least you will know why!

In Liberty,

Grant Miller
Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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