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Chaos Brewing? Don't Wait for the World to Boil Over

March 29, 2018 0 Comments

When in wait and see mode...

Have you ever got that feeling that you might be dreaming, even though you know you are fully awake? Or perhaps it's the world that is sleeping, and we're just waiting for it to "snap out of it."

That's the feeling I have this morning.

The world is currently in "wait and see" mode. This approach worries me more than anything else.

As Patriots, it's our duty to see the world as it truly is, and take action. Not sit on our hands and wait. That's why I'm writing you this urgent message today.

We'll take a look at what we've been seeing recently, what it means for 2017, and most of all - how to best prepare for whatever lies ahead.


To understand where our increasingly volatile world is headed, first we must examine what's happened as the year turned over.

Doomsday Clock Keeps Ticking

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced this week that their infamous Doomsday Clock now is 30 seconds closer to midnight at 2.5 minutes (at time of publishing; updated to 2 minutes in 2018). That's the closest we've been to global catastrophe, according to the group, since 1953 the height of the nuclear arms race between the U.S. and Soviet Russia.

Their report stated that The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon. Their message is to governments, but there is no reason patriotic citizens like us should not also heed that call to protect our own families. Now is not time to be the frog in the kettle and wait for the Doomsday Clock to tick again or run out. While we have time and enjoy relative comfort and safety, we must prepare for the worst.

State of Our Water - The Need for Self-Reliant Solutions

A Camp Lejeune water crisis

Shortly before leaving office, Obama signed an order to pay $2 billion to Marines affected by toxic water. As many as 900,000 service members were affected by toxic contamination of wells at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. While this sounds like our government doing a bit of good to do right by our nation's heroes, this poisoning happened in the early 1980s. Only now are the sick getting financial help, many of whom have suffered through leukemia, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, Parkinson's and more.

This news perfectly illustrates the attitude of our bureaucratic monstrosity of a federal government. Cause a problem - or at the very least, look the other way. Don't bother fixing the problem. Then, use tax dollars to make it all go away.

That's why it's absolutely imperative that Americans take water quality concerns into their own hands. Waiting more than 30 years for any action on behalf of our government is far too long for our own well-being - and very survival.

We have a crumbling water infrastructure in this country - Flint was just the beginning - and we can't count on our government to deliver a solution in a manner that works for honest Americans. A crisis is likely around the corner, which is why we all need to filter our drinking water to ensure that it is safe.

Tense Nerves on Wall Street

What goes up must come down

The stock markets remain jittery, despite soaring numbers seen in a "Trump Rally" since November and the Dow Jones hitting 20,000 this week. Many are saying this rally has been aided by a "bubble mentality," similar to the dot-com bubble and subsequent crash we saw at the turn of the century.

Many investors only have their eye on our President's first 100 days in office, not on actual earnings and market conditions. This could lead to a sharp correction once Wall Street is forced to face the facts.

Darkness Growing in Every Corner of the Globe

It's not new news, but when it seems like the already volatile Middle East can't get any worse, something new pops up. We can only hope that the violence there does not escalate to the point of spilling across the globe, but we must be wary and prepare for scenarios exactly like this.

North Korea will act

On top of that, North Korea promises to test an intercontinental ballistic missile this year, after successful and unsuccessful attempts to develop their nuclear program in recent years. Our new administration promises to double down on N. Korea as a threat, but they've never been the best at foreign relations.

Finally, a report from a panel at the World Economic Forum stated that "terrorists are winning the digital arms race." Despite Twitter removing about 250,000 accounts associated with ISIS in one year, the group operates recruitment through as many as 90 online social networks. Now they're even live-streaming attacks, using the Internet to fund them, and much more.

All of this goes to show that the world is not getting any less dangerous. We don't report this to incite fear - more on that in a moment. We tell you this to incite action - to go against the grain of a society that wants to "wait and see."

We reject that notion - and here's why: In August of 2015, an internal memo went around our company, warning employees to get ready, 2016 was going to be a very shaky year. We all saw the writing on the wall and knew we needed to get ready, not only in our personal lives, but to be able to handle what we believed was going to be an incredibly busy year for us.

Now, at the beginning of 2017, I believe we've only seen a small sign of what's to come. All of our preparedness experts feel the same way - something big is lurking in 2017, the only question is WHEN?

All of you who are loyal readers of this newsletter have undoubtedly noticed that we don't engage in hype. In fact, if we're guilty of anything, we bite our tongue too often out of concern that we'll be accused of being fear-mongers. We do not want anyone to live, or act, out of fear. Living a lifestyle of preparedness should be driven not by fear, but by an acute awareness of the things happening around you.

Here at My Patriot Supply, we're avid students of history. We believe in learning from the past so that we can be better equipped in our effort to prevent the same mistakes in the future. The problem is that not enough people are like you and me, and they often overlook these historical lessons. Looking back now it is fairly easy to predict the crash of 2008. The challenge is evaluating what's happening right now, in front of our very eyes, and judging the likely outcome.

But we know what happens next, because it happens any time there is a crisis. The folks who don't pay attention or plan ahead flood the preparedness industry with a last-minute panic purchases, and the entire industry becomes backlogged and unable to fill orders in a timely fashion.

This is exactly what happened during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. It happened again in 2016, with the Orlando shooting and Brexit happening in a span of a couple weeks. We pride ourselves on being the fastest shipping preparedness company in North America, but events like these can leave us up to two weeks behind. Many of our competitors get backlogged and cannot ship for as many as eight whole weeks.

The My Patriot Supply warehouse

For this reason, we made a commitment: My Patriot Supply will always keep a 60-day supply of product on hand.

That means we keep millions of dollars of inventory in our warehouse (something our accountant hates doing, especially come tax time) so that we can be better prepared during a crisis and have the ability to still service our customers. We keep what we expect to sell in a 30-day period, and on top of that keep an extra 30 days' supply as an emergency reserve.

At the same time, it's very important to us that we are always shipping fresh inventory, and that the food you receive from us was produced sometime in the last sixty days. So sixty days is the most we can stock at one time to ensure enough supply and keep quality at its peak.

During Ebola, our 60 day supply was only enough to keep up with sales for five days!

This is the impact of the folks that only act after something has already happened, instead of truly preparing for what is going to come. They cripple the infrastructure of the entire industry because they only take action after it's too late.

So, if you're reading this today, and you're planning to expand your family's level of preparedness this year, we recommend that you GET IT DONE TODAY.

Don't wait for things to get worse and the entire industry to be backlogged. Don't wait until scarcity drives up the price and the products you want to purchase become more expensive because they simply aren't available.

During major crises, our cost of goods go up significantly as we have to pay a premium to some of our suppliers. If we didn't, our suppliers would ship our raw ingredients to grocery store brands first. In fact, in the past, we've had to steal some cheese blends that were supposed to go to Kraft!

As I mentioned, our team of preparedness experts are seeing the writing on the walls, and hearing about it on the phone from customers like you. This makes us more poised than ever to help. If you want to talk to one of us for advice, give us a call today at 866.229.0927. We'll help you find a solution that's right for you. If you're more of an online shopper, click here to get started.

However you plan to build on your preparedness plan, I urge you to do it now.

Have a great weekend, friends. Stay safe and alert out there!

In Liberty,

Patriot Steve
My Patriot Supply


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