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Food Prices on The Rise Again (Pt. 2)

March 21, 2018 0 Comments

Food Prices on The Rise Again

Last week, I updated you on my on-going battle with our food suppliers over cost increases for 2016. They're afraid of rising food costs just like everyone else and told me they need to up their prices. Since then, I've spent hours on the phone trying to change their minds.

Unfortunately, our growers and other suppliers simply aren't budging. They have their own reasons, and I have to respect that.The droughts that have plagued this country over the past couple years have increased everyone's food prices across the board. So I had a tough decision to make; either try to find new suppliers or raise prices on our emergency food.

After a lot of back and forth, I decided that changing suppliers was too much of a risk - and I'll give you three reasons why in just a minute. But first, I'm afraid that I must announce that our emergency food prices will go up on February 20 th

This decision hasn't been made lightly, but I want to reassure you that it's the best decision. It comes down to how we can best serve you, our loyal customers, and that means never sacrificing our values or the quality of our products just to reduce costs.

When I made the final decision to raise prices, I knew I had to let you know as soon as possible. A lot of preparedness companies would have no problem raising their prices overnight, leaving customers in the dark with no opportunity to react.

Not telling you right away would go against everything we stand for. In the interest of always helping you prepare, we're giving you plenty of time to lock in the old 2015 pricing before it changes. Honestly, it's the least we can do for loyal customers like you.

Now, before the price increase goes into effect, I wanted to share my three reasons why we chose to raise our prices instead of switching suppliers or changing our business in any other way.


Our raw ingredients suppliers gave me a tough choice, pay more or find other suppliers. I negotiated hard, but I couldn't leverage a better deal. So I had to consider what would be best for our customers and our business. Ultimately, there were three reasons why raising prices was better than making any other change. Here's what it came down to:

    1. Sourcing High-Quality Ingredients. To get the highest-quality food for our recipes, we are committed to paying more than other food storage companies, who often buy cheap, low-quality ingredients that often aren't even intended for human consumption. (Remember my article on Patriots Eating Dog food that went viral?)

      This ensures that our emergency food is nutrient-rich and tastes great.

    1. Using the Latest and Safest Technology. Some food storage companies use cheaper, flawed food preservation methods in order to cut costs. We've invested millions of dollars in research, development, and equipment to perfect our preservation methods. It's all part of our commitment to providing emergency food that will truly last as long as we claim it will, providing up to a 25-year shelf-life.

  1. Remaining Fiercely Independent. Instead of relying on outside - often foreign - investment groups to cover our operating costs, we will always remain fiercely independent. It's the only way we can stand up for what we believe in. That means our food is proudly grown by farmers right here in the USA and is packaged here, by fellow patriots just like you and me. This also means having control over the production and the quality of our final product instead of outsourcing the growing or production to foreign groups.

I really didn't want to change any of these key aspects of our business that allow us to create superior quality emergency preparedness foods, and so I decided to stick with our current growers, and accept the higher costs. In the end, it's all about getting the best possible products to you, our loyal customers. It's an honor to serve you, and in 2016 and beyond, it's my promise to continue to provide the high-quality products and excellent service you deserve.

Remember, if you want to add to your emergency food plan this year, the best time to do it is before the price increase on February 20 th.

Lock in 2015 emergency food prices when you prepare with us today.

If you have any questions, my team of preparedness advisors are standing by. Simply call 866.229.0927. As always, I want to sincerely thank you for your business and support.

In liberty,

Grant Miller
Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

PS: Did you know? My Patriot Supply practices what we preach when it comes to independence and self-reliance. Every single aspect of our business is self-sustaining. We don't spend advertising dollars unless it's self-sustaining, every single one of our almost 100 employee staff pays for themselves in productivity, and our operating budget is always based on a self-sustaining model. When you don't have outside investment money to play with you treat your earnings and investments with a lot more care - which is exactly what we have done. We are fiscally responsible, which is one of the main reasons we're one of the only leading preparedness brands that is not in debt or owing our existence to outside groups. Fierce independence is what we preach, and it is something we practice each and every day!


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