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Top 12 Father’s Day Gifts for the Prepper Dad Who Has Everything

June 11, 2021 0 Comments

If the dad in your life loves prepping, hunting, fishing, or camping, then we’re about to make Father’s Day shopping super easy for you! 

We’ve put together a list of the very best gifts for the tough-to-shop-for prepper dad who seems to have everything. It’s full of ideas for affordable items that every father needs, but not everyone has. 

So crack open dad’s bunker or man cave, peek around a bit to see what he’s missing, and get ready to find your perfect gift! 


For the Hunter/Angler (Fisherman)


What is it?

This kit contains 127 pieces of hunting and fishing equipment every outdoorsman needs, all in one easy little package. 

For the angler, it’s got eight-pound and 50-pound test lines, floats, weights, hooks, jig heads—even salmon eggs. 

For the hunter it’s got snare wire, a slingshot band, slingshot ammo, and an L screw. 

And that’s just for starters (see the complete list of what’s included here). 

Why does dad need it?

Chances are your dad has most of this equipment somewhere in his tacklebox or truck already. The question is, does he have enough of it? 

Any hunter or fisher knows the pain of running out of gear in the middle of a trip. Spare your dad that hassle with this kit—it’s the backup we’re betting he needs!



What is it?

This is a filtration bottle from the much-loved Alexapure line. It’s a sturdy, BPA-free 28-ounce bottle, but the magic’s on the inside: Alexapure’s proprietary ionic absorption micron filter straw that removes up to 99% of biological contaminants. 

Why does dad need it?

The Alexapure Go is the Cadillac of filtered water bottles and makes just about any fresh water source you find along the trail drinkable. Even better, the filter purifies up to 300 gallons of water. 

That means if you end up camped next to a stream, pond, or river, this can be your primary water source. It makes hiking out to remote locations a lot easier, too. 

It beats grocery-store water bottles every day of the week.



What is it?

The fire starter that famously lights up just about anywhere—in rain, snow, and up to 30-mph winds. We recommend pairing it with the Crossfire Lighter, with a plasma flame that won’t go out and a compartment to store your Instafire. 

Why does dad need it?

Sure, dad could start a fire rubbing two sticks together, but who wants to do that? Make his life a little easier with Instafire—it takes most of the work out of building a campfire. It’s truly amazing; we’ve seen it burn strong on a snowbank. It even lights wet wood.



What is it?

A 13-inch, forged-steel axe with a non-slip grip…at a super reasonable price. 

Why does dad need it?

Axes are like ties: every man needs a few. If your dad already has a hand axe, we’re betting he could use another…and you couldn’t do much better for the cost than this. It’s got that balance and heft of a high-end axe, but with a totally do-able price tag. 



What is it?

One week of 25-year shelf-life food packed into a gasket-sealed ammo can. 

Why does dad need it?

First, there’s a “wow factor” to the packaging on this kit that makes it a great gift to open. What’s even cooler is how it manages to pack an entire week of meals into what’s basically an over-sized lunch pail. The ammo can kit will give your dad enough food for an extended fishing trip and then some.


For the Gear Nut 


What is it?

An all-in-one, ultra-bright LED flashlight, solar power bank, phone charger, SOS strobe light, work light, rope cutter, glass breaker, compass, and magnetic mount. 

Why does dad need it?

Reason #1: There’s very little chance he already owns one of these. 

Reason #2: Dads are usually practical, and this is the perfect gift for practical types. It’s a knife, compass, magnet, and phone charger all packed into a flashlight body that fits in a glove box or a back pocket. Dad might end up using it every day.



What is it?

A 20,000 mAh solar charger with a wireless charging option and an adjustable, 28-LED full-room light. 

Why does dad need it?

If your dad’s into gear, you can be sure he’ll love this. At 20,000 mAh, this powerbank is like carrying a small car battery around on your belt loop. It can power up to three devices at once or power a single standard device (like a cell phone) up to four times. 

The light might be the real kicker though. It’s every bit as impressive as the charger. It lights up a dark room like the surface of the sun—you have to see it to believe it.



What is it?

An AM/FM/weather radio that doubles as a flashlight and device charger. 

Why does dad need it?

Like the 9-in-1 light and the powerbank, this radio comes with a flashlight and a work light. Our favorite thing about it—and one of the reasons it makes such a unique gift—are its charging features. It takes batteries, it solar charges, and it has a hand crank for powering up if all else fails. It’s the radio that will not die! Plus, it charges other devices with a micro-USB port.


For the Survivalist 


What is it?

A pocket-sized straw filter that weighs almost nothing and removes up to 99% of waterborne protozoa and bacteria. 

Why does dad need it?

Again, this is from the much-loved Alexapure brand. It takes a step down in size from the Alexapure Go water bottle above (making even more portable) without taking a step down in filtration power. 

If you’re shopping for the type of man who goes into the wilderness with little more than the clothes on his back, then the Survival Spring is the water filter for you. It literally fits in a pocket and makes almost any fresh water source drinkable.



What is it?

The equipment you need to start a fire, secure food, signal for rescue, repair tents and clothing, navigate in the wilderness, tie and secure items, and more...all in a sardine can! No joke. 

Why does dad need it?

At twelve dollars, this little 33-piece kit is a no-brainer. For the backwoods-loving dad we’d recommend pairing it with the Alexapure filter straw for a total-package, primitive survival kit you can carry in your pockets.



What is it?

A 20-inch, eight-strand cable saw sharp enough to cut through wood, plastic, bone, or soft metal. Made of stainless steel. 

Why does dad need it?

If you’re reading this, your dad probably has knives, and surely has an axe…but does he have a portable wire saw? This handy little tool carries a lot like a knife but does big jobs like an axe. It’ll take down a small tree, gets through plastic like butter, and even severs certain metals.



What is it?

Tray for growing sprouts—nature’s vitamins—in three to five days. Includes a complete four-layer tray and alfalfa seed. 

Why does dad need it?

This is more for sheltering in place than primitive survival, but it’s one of the coolest prep products out there and a gift for the dad who loves prep or is just a little bit of a health nut. 

Growing your sprouts is as simple as can be. You just take a packet of seeds, spread them over four stackable trays, pour in water, and three to five days you’ve got your crop! 

The kit comes with alfalfa seeds, but there’s a huge variety of other seeds to select from; check them out here. Choose between everything from wheat to broccoli, beans, radishes, salad mixes, and more.


Happy hunting and have a great Father’s Day, friends! 

If you have other suggestions for gifts, or questions about any of the items on our list, make sure to let us know in the comments below.


In liberty, 

Elizabeth Anderson 

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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