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What Nobody Expects Is Usually the Worst

October 22, 2020 0 Comments

Post-Election Mayhem Could Be the Next “Black Swan” Event – Preppers Might Be the Only Ones Who Survive

If you’ve never heard the term “black swan” event… listen up.

A “black swan” event is something unexpected that takes observers completely by surprise. It comes from the ancient belief that all swans had white feathers. But when black swans were discovered in Australia by European explorers in 1697, it took everyone by surprise.

Famous “black swan” events in recent history include the outbreak of World War I… the attack on Pearl Harbor… the assassination of JFK… the terrorist attacks of 9/11… and the global financial crisis of 2007-08 that led to the Great Recession.

Is there a “black swan” event in our future? Consider this…

Violence erupted not long ago in Los Angeles at what was originally supposed to be a peaceful street march. But later in the evening, it turned quite ugly.

It got so bad, the mayor had to request the National Guard come in and restore order. He also imposed a citywide curfew to keep people off the streets. Nearby cities did the same.

Police officers were attacked – some suffering concussions from heavy objects thrown at their heads. Multiple LAPD squad cars were set on fire. Office buildings, stores, and bank ATMs were vandalized, looted, and burned.

The widespread destruction even extended to the posh Rodeo Drive shopping district of Beverly Hills. Looters came from far and wide to steal $5,000 luxury handbags to “sell” for easy cash.

What used to be seen only in movies had suddenly come to life in the heart of Hollywood.

Lamentably, these scenes are just “sneak previews” of what may happen with the extended uncertainty getting final 2020 election results – and for years to come. Similar “protests” that turned into riots have occurred in recent memory in Portland, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle – to name a few.

The danger comes if one side gets enraged by the election results.

  • In fact, police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, prepared for exactly that.
  • They expect potential unrest for many days following Election Day since nobody expected all the votes to be counted by November 3rd.
  • Groups on either side may decide to express their post-election anger with increasing frequency and intensity of violence.

If that happens, cities across America could become ungovernable – with wild, out-of-control mobs destroying everything in their path.

And since our nation’s economic infrastructure is already severely weakened by the COVID-19 lockdowns and business failures, most people are simply unprepared to cope with the pandemonium that awaits us if chaos and confusion soon become the order of the day.

You probably don’t need to be told what that would do to our nation’s food supply chain… energy utilities… our transportation and communication system… banking and finance… not to mention law enforcement and your personal safety.

Enter a possible Black Swan: a true dystopian nightmare from coast to coast that would make 9/11 look like a child’s temper tantrum.

Not only could this be the worst “black swan” event on record – it could easily become the knock-out punch that sends America into an economic and financial tailspin.

Likewise, the post-election anarchy – if indeed it happens and spreads – will take most Americans by surprise, thanks to our politically biased media. The mainstream news monopoly deliberately keeps us in the dark, downplaying the threat posed by increasing handfuls of radical political factions who advocate violence to achieve their goals.

You, however, probably won’t be so surprised. But that will be of little consolation in the days after the 2020 election if our nation’s economy comes to a grinding halt for weeks on end (or longer).

If you’re not already prepared for the worst, you still have time.

COVID-19 was itself a type of “black swan” event that we’re still reeling from.

Now imagine if one day it’s not even safe for truckers to drive on the highways to deliver food to grocery stores… or for essential workers to get to work and do their jobs.

This could be far worse than any potential “second wave” of COVID.

Far more deadly… and far more destructive.

All we can say is… “Brace yourself and stay alert, friends.”

In Liberty,

Grant Miller

MPS Preparedness Advisor



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