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Alexapure ProTM
How do I install my spigot and assemble my Alexapure Pro?

Remove your filter from the Alexapure Pro. Place in a large pitcher so that the filter nozzle points up. Pour 1-part clear grain alcohol (example: vodka) to 3-parts water mix into the pitcher with the filter and water. Allow to soak for 24 hours. Once done, re-install the filter and completed a full flush of 2-3 gallons per installed filter. You may need to do a light scrubbing with the Nylon scrub pad in either method to help re-start your filter.

How do I store my Alexapure Pro filter?

Storing the AP filter is easy.

Short term storage

  1. Remove the filter and scrub it with a Scotch-Brite pad under cool running water.
  2. Fill a Zip-Lock bag with 3-5 ounces of water.
  3. Place filter?in bag?and seal and place bag in refrigerator.

Long term Storage

Allow the filter to partially dry and then place in a Ziploc bag and place in the freezer. Alternatively, place filter in Ziploc bag with one-ounce grain alcohol and then store in the refrigerator or similar cool location. When ready to use again, use the re-priming process stated here.

What are the dimensions of the Alexapure Pro?
  Stored Height 14"
Top Chamber 10"
Lower Chamber 10 1/8"
Assembled 21 1/2 to top of handle
Top opening 8 1/4 "
Largest Diameter 8 7/8(about the size of a dinner plate)
Weight 7.6 pounds (With one filter)