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Three Month Emergency Food Supply 3-Month Food Supply (450 servings, 2 totes)

Provides one adult with 450 servings of healthy, storable food and drinks for 90 days. Up to 25-year shelf life. Packed in two rugged, slimline totes. FREE shipping!

Patriot Price: $497.00

Alexapure Breeze True HEPA Air Purifier Alexapure Breeze True HEPA Air Purifier

Revolutionary 4-stage air purification featuring advanced True HEPA filter & IonCluster technology. Reduces 99.97% of airborne contaminants.

Sale Price: $194.95

Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

Powerful gravity block core filtration removes up to 99.9999% of 200+ impurities including lead, chromium, bacteria - up to 5,000 gallons. No boiling.

Sale Price: $187.00

Freeze-Dried Chicken Case Pack - Patriot Pantry Survival Food Freeze-Dried Chicken Case Pack (24 servings, 6 pk.)

24 total servings of freeze-dried chicken in 6 convenient pouches. Bulk non-GMO emergency foods customize your food supply. Up to 25-year shelf life.

MPS Price: $119.95

Preparedness Survival Starter Tote Preparedness Survival Tote (10 items)

BEST SELLER! A variety of ten best-selling tools, food and water filtration essentials for survival. For short-term emergencies. For home, work and in the car.

MPS Price: $117.00

Instafire Inferno Outdoor Biomass Stove Instafire Inferno Outdoor Biomass Stove

NEW! No canned or liquid fuel required. Burns sticks and biomass to reach temperatures of up to 1200 degrees! Perfect camp stove for your emergency kit, go-bag or backpack. Boils water in 3 minutes.

MPS Price: $99.95
Deal of the Day Price: $89.95

Patriot Pantry Fruit, Veggie and Snack Emergency Survival Food Supply Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix (114 servings, 1 tote)

BEST SELLER! Get 114 servings of healthy and tasty fruits, vegetables, and snacks that will taste just as great tonight as they will in 25 years. FREE Shipping!

Patriot Price: $99.95

Ultimate Breakfast Kit - 138 Servings for Survival from Patriot Pantry Ultimate Breakfast Kit (138 servings, 1 tote)

It can be breakfast all day! 7 of your favorite foods and drinks to start any day off right. Especially for the emergency food supply of breakfast-lovers! Shipped in a rugged, slimline tote.

MPS Price: $117.00
Deal of the Day Price: $99.45

Patriot Pantry Emergency Survival Coffee Kit Franklin's Finest Survival Coffee (720 servings, 1 tote)

Great for barter! Contains twelve 60-serving pouches of Franklin's Finest Coffee, totaling 720 servings. FIRST EVER, 25-year shelf life emergency survival coffee. Includes tote.

MPS Price: $97.00

Survival Shot Emergency Survival Food Supplement Vitamins and Minerals Survival Shot - Emergency Survival Food Supplement

MUST INCLUDE! A 30-day supply of essential vitamins & minerals. A must for any food storage plan. Power-packed with what your body needs.

Patriot Price: $29.95

Lifeline 121 Piece First Aid Kit | My Patriot Supply First Aid Kit - AAA Road Trip (121 pieces)

NEW! Keep one in your car, home or bug-out location for complete preparedness. 121 pieces including hard-shell foam case and carabiner clip. Ready for emergencies.

MPS Price: $24.95

Deluxe Kitchen Crop Sprouter Trays - My Patriot Supply Deluxe Kitchen Crop & Seed Sprouter Trays

NEW! 4-tray sprouter for sprouting seeds. BPA-free. Includes a vented reservoir watering lid that prevents seed displacement, drain tray, and pack of Organic Alfafa Seeds to get you started. Made in USA.

Our Low Price: $19.95

Potassium Iodate Tablets for Radiation Potassium Iodate Tablets - KIO3 (170mg 60ct)

BEST SELLER! If there's a nuclear event and you are down-wind, you should take KIO3 before the radioactive plume reaches you. Potassium iodate protects the thyroid when there is fallout.

Sale Price: $15.45

100 Hour Candle by Colonial Concepts 100-Hour Candle by Colonial Concepts

A cost-effective, bright light source for emergency and survival situations. Burns clean, is odorless and smokeless. Safe for indoor use or harsh conditions. Sturdy and compact.

MPS Price: $7.95


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