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China's Shadow War: Double Agent Unveils Plot to Cripple US

August 11, 2023 0 Comments

When we think of war, we tend to think of missiles, flashes, bangs, and sirens.

What we think of is more like World War II – and not World War III.

An opinion piece recently ran in The Wall Street Journal by Richard Muller titled, “World War III Will Be Fought With Viruses: A two-front biological and cyber attack could lead to a U.S. defeat before we know what hit us.”

Muller believes the next war will begin with an attack of a deadly virus on a target country…perhaps from a domestic lab, so people don’t assume it is an attack.

He’s not the only one who believes this to be true.

Here are some other headlines from news sources in recent weeks.

The problem is that this type of warfare will happen before we are even aware we are in the thick of it.

There will be no sirens or loud bangs.

Instead, there will be silent attacks on our hospital systems, our military bases, our pipelines… making it impossible for the US to defend itself.

The signs are right in front of us.

A Chinese defector has even warned America that China is ready to attack using biological weapons and computer viruses.

Yet, the US doesn’t seem to be taking steps to prepare (despite the warnings or the fact that China is preparing itself for war with a sudden reversal of farming policies).

No matter what our government does, we citizens can no longer ignore the threat.

We must start preparing – now.

Biological Warfare News

Biological warfare has always existed, but it is banned.

However, it appears China may not be following the rules anymore.

Consider the following headlines:

The lab bust is a huge red flag.

According to Ars Technica, “Local and federal authorities have shut down what seems to be an illegal medical lab hidden in a California warehouse that contained nearly 1,000 laboratory mice, hundreds of unknown chemicals, refrigerators and freezers, vials of biohazardous materials, including blood, incubators, and at least 20 infectious agents, including SARS-CoV-2, HIV, and a herpes virus.”

China has also created bioweapons that specifically target whole racial or ethnic groups.

Not only is the idea alarming, but it is even worse when you consider China may already have the DNA data of millions.

According to Michael Knutzen, a biosecurity specialist who is former Army intelligence and Presidential Management Fellow at the Department of Homeland Security, “China may already have hacked from medical records or purchased the genetic information of millions of ordinary Americans through genealogical companies such as 23andme.”

China is well aware of how COVID-19 crippled the United States.

If they can leverage a biological weapon like it, they can do significant harm to our economy, our people, and our way of life.

Cyber Warfare News

In addition to biological warfare threats, China has already started using cyberattacks.

Here are some recent headlines:

All of these are huge signs that China is getting ready to attack using computer viruses.

In May 2023, Reuters reported, “The U.S. State Department warned on Thursday that China was capable of launching cyber attacks against critical infrastructure, including oil and gas pipelines and rail systems, after researchers discovered a Chinese hacking group had been spying on such networks. A multi-nation alert issued Wednesday revealed the Chinese cyber-espionage campaign had been aimed at military and government targets in the United States.”

In addition to cyberattacks on pipelines and rail systems, experts are especially concerned about the power grid.

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According to Bloomberg, “The nation’s power grid grows increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, while incidents such as physical attacks and vandalism increased some 77% in 2022, according to the committee.”

Computer viruses produced in China, such as malware, are powerful enough to cut off power, water, and communications across the United States.

What Is the Purpose of These Types of Attacks on the US?

There are a few different theories, but the most agreed upon is that China wants to disrupt and distract the US.

Currently, China is preparing to go to war against Taiwan. The US has promised to come to Taiwan’s defense.

Therefore, experts believe China is preparing to unleash a biological agent and/or cyberattack on the US to prevent the United States military from coming to Taiwan’s aid.

Imagine if another flu-like virus (or worse) hits the nation.

Then, as people flock to receive emergency care, the power grid suffers a major cyberattack, and hospitals become incapable of treating the sick.

America would be too distracted by “our own problems” to aid Taiwan.

How the US Is Preparing

According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), “China probably currently represents the broadest, most active, and persistent cyber espionage threat to U.S. Government and private-sector networks. China’s cyber pursuits and its industry’s export of related technologies increase the threats of aggressive cyber operations against the U.S. homeland…China almost certainly is capable of launching cyber attacks that could disrupt critical infrastructure services within the United States, including against oil and gas pipelines, and rail systems.”

Infiltrating our systems IS China’s goal.

Deputy Director of the NSA, George Barnes, said, “China is steadfast and determined to penetrate our governments, our companies, our critical infrastructure.”

Essentially, it’s a ticking time bomb.

Our government is well aware, but we are being distracted by news stories that don’t matter nearly as much.

For example, Politico reports, “The Defense Department is overhauling its approach to countering biological and chemical weapons, as potential adversaries such as Russia and China rush to create threats that are easier to use and can evade traditional defenses. Officials are launching a new plan to develop medical treatments, vaccines and personal protective equipment that can adapt to a range of evolving biological and chemical threats.”

The threat of biological warfare has grown so significantly that the US is having to come up with new defense strategies.

Instead of creating tools to combat specific biological hazards, the government is now working on developing tests, treatments, and vaccines.

In other words, they know biological warfare is coming and that cyber warfare is already here.

Don’t Panic. Prepare.

In a recent episode of The Dan Bongino Show, host Bongino emphatically stated the importance of preparing for a forthcoming war with China.

He said, “The signs are everywhere. Get ready today. You are going to wake up […] one morning, and the world is going to be a completely different place. If you are prepared, you can reduce the anxiety.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Don’t panic. Prepare.

Here are some things to do today to prepare for what’s coming…

  • Stay aware. This is happening. The news may not be reporting it, but we may be maintaining an illusion that this isn’t a type of warfare. It is. Stay aware.
  • Have cash on hand. If the grid goes down, you won’t be able to access ATMs or use credit cards.
  • Keep the gas tank full. If the grid goes down or the pipeline is attacked, you may not be able to fill up your tank. Keep it full.
  • Invest in solar-powered tools. With threats on the power grid growing, it is more important than ever before to have a backup.
  • Stock up on emergency food and supplies. Should the grid go down, it will be a major disaster. Knowing you have emergency food and supplies will help you feel prepared instead of stressed.
  • Learn to grow your own food. Get heirloom seeds now and start to grow your own food.

Don’t wait until it is too late, friends.

In liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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