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Filtration Pitcher Vs. Bottled Water: Which Is Best?

March 30, 2023 0 Comments

Water is essential for our survival. We can only survive for 3 to 4 days without it.

We need it to live. We need it to cook. And we need it to clean.

Most of us have a convenient water source in our own homes – tap water from a faucet.

The problem is, while tap water is convenient, it’s not always as safe as we think it is.

Should a disaster hit your area, the municipal water supply may be affected.

But it’s not just disasters that should cause concern.

America’s “safe drinking water” has been found to have contaminants over and over again.

A major study from 50,000 water utilities in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) disclosed in a 2021 report that “more than 320 toxic substances have been detected in U.S. drinking water systems.”

According to the EWG, “For too many Americans, turning on their faucets for a glass of water is like pouring a cocktail of chemicals. Lead, arsenic, the ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS and many other substances are often found in drinking water at potentially unsafe levels, particularly in low-income and underserved communities.”

How much of an issue is water contamination? Studies suggest that “tens of millions of Americans are still exposed to unsafe drinking water each year.”

That’s why every second in the U.S., 1,000 people open a bottle of water.  

But is bottled water the better choice? Nope. Read on to discover why.

Recent Water Contamination News in the U.S.

Water contamination is constantly on the news. It can occur from a natural disaster, such as a flood, or a man-made accident, such as agricultural chemical run-off.

Here are just a few of the recent news stories involving water contamination.

  • Philly Chemical Spill. A recent chemical spill into the Delaware River tributary led to authorities advising residents to buy bottled water.
  • Ohio Train Derailment. The recent “toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, contaminated at least 15,000 pounds of soil and 1.1 million gallons of water.”
  • Iowa Agricultural Drinking Hazards. For over a decade, some Iowa residents were supplied bottled water from an agricultural company as they tried to remove drinking water hazards. Then, they received a letter saying their drinking water had a safe amount of nitrate according to Iowa drinking water standards. But recently, the water was tested, and they discovered the amount of nitrate is now higher than it was before!
  • Wisconsin PFAS Chemical Contamination. Due to the high levels of PFAS chemicals found in the region’s water basins, “The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is now recommending that communities in the area abstain from catching fish or drinking water from the contaminated water systems until further notice.”
  • Widespread Contamination of Forever Chemicals. A 2022 analysis found “more than 80% of US waterways contaminated by ‘forever chemicals’” that exceed federal and state limits.

These major water contamination stories are certainly reason enough to want to avoid regular drinking water.

But you may want to avoid bottled water, too. 

Reasons to Choose Filtered Water over Bottled Water

When given the choice between bottled water or filtered water from the tap, choose filtered water.

Sure, bottled water is safer than contaminated drinking water.

But, if you have a water filtration system in your home or a water filtration pitcher, this is the better option.

As much as you have been led to believe bottled water is the safer option, it isn’t.

  • Stricter Regulations: We have been led to believe we can pick up a bottle of water and trust it to be safe. But our tap water is actually more regulated than bottled water! The EPA regulates drinking water quality, while the FDA ensures the safety of bottled water, and it tests far less frequently. NRDC explains, “Both kinds of water are tested regularly for bacteria and most synthetic organic chemicals, but city tap is typically assessed much more frequently. For example, bottled-water plants must test for coliform bacteria just once a week; city tap needs to be tested 100 or more times a month.”
  • Potentially Fewer Dangers: The University of Queensland reports, “There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that bottled water can have detrimental effects on human health. One study found that many brands of bottled water were deficient of essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. Another study found that 20% of the bottled water samples had concentrations of chlorine, fluoride, nitrate and other harmful compounds that exceeded the World Health Organization guidelines. Additional studies found that the bacteriological quality of tap water was greater than bottled mineral water. There are other health concerns related to bottled water due to harmful chemicals released from the bottle, such as bisphenol A (BPA).”
  • Less Expensive: If you choose to drink bottled water every day, it’ll add up. What seems inexpensive is actually significantly more expensive than what you pay for your tap water. According to the Harvard Energy and Facilities Department, tap water is 3000% less expensive per gallon than bottled water (tap is around $0.02 per gallon compared to $0.64 per gallon for bottled water). While you pay for a water filtration up front, you will wind up saving considerably over time.
  • More Likely to Reduce Contaminants: It may come as a surprise, but around 25% of bottled water is just tap water bottled up. But, if you pour yourself a glass of water from your water filter, you can rest assured it has gone through a filtration process resulting in virtually pure water (or even purer than many bottled waters).
  • More Environmentally Friendly: One of the most obvious reasons to choose filtered water over bottled water is because it is more environmentally friendly. Studies have found that the environmental impact of bottled water is “up to 3,500 times greater than tap water.’” Plastic water bottles end up in our landfills, but that’s not the only issue. NRDC reports, “It takes 1.63 liters of water to make every liter of Dasani –and the company is doing it in drought-plagued California.”

Invest in the Alexapure Water Filtration

Before you rush out to get a water filtration device, let me tell you about the new Alexapure Water Filter Pitcher and Alexapure Pro Filtration System.


Water Pitcher

The Alexapure Water Filter Pitcher is a convenient, portable water filtration device that will enable your family to get cleaner, safer drinking water.

The pre-primed dual filters simply need to be replaced in the pitcher, and you can enjoy drinkable water in just a few minutes.

Alexapure dual filters can replace more than 750 standard water bottles (just think for a moment how much money you will save!). And the filters only need to be replaced every 100 gallons or around 3 months.


Alexapure Pro Filtration System

The Alexapure Pro is a family-sized countertop filter that makes water from virtually any freshwater source cleaner and safer to drink. Just set the unit on a table, countertop, or truck bed and dispense delicious, drinkable water from the tap.

Besides having an exceptional filtration system, the most exciting thing about the Pro is that it’s powered by gravity–and nothing else. Many large filters need a power source to run, but the Pro is completely off-grid. That makes it indispensable in power-down situations. 

Both the Alexapure Pitcher Filter and the Pro are worth it for your peace of mind, friends.


In liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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