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Merry Christmas: The Meaning Behind the Message

March 28, 2018 0 Comments

Since it is the Christmas season, I know your time will be best spent with family and friends.

That's why I'll be brief today. I wanted to share a short message about why saying "Merry Christmas" is so important to me personally and for My Patriot Supply as a company.


The history of Christmas celebrations in America started well before we battled for our independence. I think this bit of history is extremely important in understanding why we proudly say "Merry Christmas" today.

In fact, it's important to note the early history of Christmas in America began with chaos. From 1659 to 1681, Christmas was actually outlawed in the Puritanical Massachusetts Bay Colony. Here is a short excerpt from that law:

"...that whosoever shall be found observing any such day as Christmas ... shall pay for every such offence five shilling as a fine to the county."
From the records of the General Court,
Massachusetts Bay Colony

The Puritans in Boston had their reasons for banning Christmas, mainly because alcohol played such a large part in the festivities. The drunkenness often led to violence, which also did not coincide with their strict values.

Today, we see different kinds of chaos surrounding Christmas, like Black Friday. It still amazes me how violent people will become for a new television and it scares me to think what they'd do for something they need to survive, like food or water.

We've also seen reports of school campuses banning the word "Christmas." We've even seen states including liberty-loving Texas introduce "Merry Christmas" legislation, that requires groups to include displays of other religious holidays alongside manger displays and so on.

All of these people trying to be inclusive by banning Christmas are missing one important thing - the same thing missing when Christmas was banned in colonial times - the Constitution. The same document that protects an individual's rights to say "Merry Christmas" protects an individual's right to say "Happy Holidays."

You see, we have the freedom of choice. Forcing one or banning another is purely unconstitutional and frankly, downright silly.

Black Friday chaos - not Christmas

After everything Americans have gone through in 2016, don't you think it's time we ought to each stand for something, and respect our individual right to do so? Let's stop standing against each other, embrace our differences, but keep the traditions we cherish alive. It's a fine line, sure. But, so often we rush to be offended when we should be rushing to support what each of us holds dear.

At My Patriot Supply, we choose to say "Merry Christmas" - it's what we believe in, and it's our right to stand up and say it. We mean it sincerely. We know the folks reading this newsletter are better than to be offended just because some may not share the same beliefs.

To us, saying Merry Christmas is about spreading good tidings and offering up a sincere greeting.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve a group of fellow patriots who, while some may share different views, are advanced and wise enough to understand that the right to say something is far more important than the need to agree. I couldn't ask for a better group of customers.

We hope you enjoy your time with family and whatever traditions you honor this Christmas season!

In Liberty,

Grant Miller
My Patriot Supply

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