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Must-Haves for a Barter-Based Economy

March 22, 2018 0 Comments

Must-Haves for a Barter-Based Economy

In any extended long-term emergency, our currency-based economy may no longer function and may even become non-existent. If that happens, you'll not only want to have everything you need to be self-sufficient, but you'll want to consider keeping items for trade in a barter-based economy as well. You never know when you'll need something you don't have, so you need to be prepared to trade for it.

The following items could be essential to your survival in a barter-based economy:

  • Coffee

    Coffee is the world's second most valuable commodity traded today, behind crude oil. You can bet that coffee will be nearly as valuable in a barter-based economy, because of its widespread consumption and addictive properties.

    Coffee is a mood-enhancer and increases alertness, both of which are extremely valuable in an emergency situation. Even a reluctant trading partner might perk up (literally) with an offer of coffee. You get what you need and they get the fix. It's win-win.

    However, not all coffee is created equal. You can't store a can of coffee you bought at the grocery store - it will go stale quicker than you think. Stale coffee is worthless. That's why we set out to develop the world's first coffee with up to a 25-year shelf-life.

  • Franklin's Finest Survival Coffee is:

    • 100% Pure Colombian Coffee, No GMOs
    • Freeze-dried to preserve freshness for up to 25 years
    • Packed in 12 60-serving air-tight packages - the perfect size for bartering

    Simply put, Franklin's Finest is the coffee everyone will want when the world runs out. Heck, some of our customers Franklin's Finest every day. It's just that good. But don't take our word for it: read the reviews here.

  • Alcohol

    While we don't suggest drinking alcohol in an emergency situation, alcohol has many survival uses.

    With the right know-how, it can be made into medicine and can clean wounds.

    It can also be used to make a weapon or start fires if absolutely necessary.

    Of course, if folks are willing to trade for a drink, then you can make a favorable deal for yourself.

  • Fresh Produce, Seeds and Seedlings

    Fruits and vegetables will be in short supply in an emergency situation. If you have a green thumb, your crops will be valuable. Especially if you are growing produce rich in nutrients like vitamin C that can prevent deadly diseases like scurvy.

    If you have a green thumb, your crops will be extremely valuable. Fresh produce has the nutrients that are hard to find in a crisis. That's why we recommend you choose to plant vegetables that have a wide range of nutrients. Our Survival Seed Vault has 20 varieties that are perfect for getting started.

    Trading partners not savvy gardeners? Offer to teach them what you know in trade for a skill you may not know. Teaching and learning new skills is crucial in a post-currency economy.

  • Medicine and Vitamins

    If our current economy collapses, getting medical care might be impossible. Having your own supply of medicine and vitamins can keep you healthy and treat minor ailments.

    When someone needs your medical supplies because they're sick, they will trade almost anything to feel better. Not only do you help someone recover, you might be able to barter at the same time.

    If you can find a supplier or an understanding doctor to obtain antibiotics or painkillers, these items can be extremely valuable in an emergency. Vitamins will also become valuable when fresh food becomes scarce.

  • Tools & Gear

    Tools first. The use of tools signifies the rise of modern civilization. Using them will help us rebuild it, too. Starting fires. Splitting wood. Home Repairs. They're all a lot easier when you have the right tools.

    All kinds of tools make great barter items, especially if your trading partner also has a tool you need. You can swap and both contribute to each other's self-reliance.

    That's why we carry a wide range of Survival Gear essentials for your own use or barter. From hatchets and shovels to paracord and emergency radios, we have you covered.

Ready to see what all the buzz is about? Click the banner below to get yours.Want to get the most bang for your barter?
We recommend you start with coffee because it's something almost everyone wants - regardless of how bad the situation.

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