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Our Readers’ Favorite Survival Scout Articles of 2021

December 15, 2021 0 Comments

Many of us hoped that 2021 would be a better year than 2020. But 2021 proved to be just as weird – if not more.

We continued to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the addition of vaccines and vaccine mandates.

We watched in horror multiple times as citizens rioted all over the country.

We faced container ship issues that have made the already struggling supply chain even worse.

We cried as wildfires destroyed American homes, landmarks, and forests.

We grew angry when we saw how Big Tech companies use their power to silence our voices.

We were shocked when Texas froze over.

We recognized the dangers of cybercriminals when our water systems were hacked.

And that’s just to name a few of the many events that made 2021 an unusual year.

Given all of this, it’s no surprise that people sought out our Survival Scout articles for advice on how to live in these unprecedented times and prepare for stranger days to come.

The following are the articles our community read and shared most:

1. Now Is the Time to Find Alternative Communication Channels

It’s no secret that our freedom of speech is being threatened by strangers who monitor what we do and say every day. It’s why millions of Americans are seeking more secure ways to communicate.

Channels like CB, Family Radio Service, and General Mobile Radio Service are rising in popularity, as well as alternative social media channels.

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2. The Turkey Problem and How to Prepare for the Impossible

Many people mistakenly set themselves up to fail when it comes to preparedness. They have the best intentions, but they are focused on what they know and expect. The problem is that the worst survival scenarios can result from the unexpected — events we would never anticipate happening.

Enter the Turkey Problem, a scenario from Nassim Taleb's 2007 book The Black Swan.

The Turkey Problem is that we often mistake the continued absence of harm as evidence that there will be no harm.

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3. Is Your Emergency Food Plan Setting You Up for Failure?

Congratulations – you’re in the process of stockpiling long-term emergency food…or perhaps you’re seriously thinking about it.

But beware: Not all emergency food is created equal.

The long-term food storage you’re going to rely on someday MUST provide enough calories to get you through every stressful day during a major disaster scenario.

Shockingly, many lesser brands of emergency food do NOT provide enough calories – which can get you into real trouble when you need to be at your physical best.

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4. Blackouts in Brazil: How to Prepare for the Possibility of Darkness

Imagine you are riding an underground subway of a major metropolitan city when you are suddenly plunged into darkness as the train comes to a screeching halt, trapping you for hours.

For many people in Brazil, this frightening scenario has happened more than once. Brazil has a history of random blackouts, from storms to fires to cyberattacks, that have forced those who live there to prepare for the possibility of darkness at any time.

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5. Preparing for Hyperinflation: What You Need to Know

Imagine if cash suddenly became worthless. What if it was wiser to burn your currency for a fire than to use it to buy firewood? It’s happened before: 58 times to be exact (according to history and finance experts).

During times of war, economic turmoil, and depression, hyperinflation can occur. When it does, chaos becomes the norm. There are surges in pricing minute by minute.

Food and fuel prices surge. People panic shop. Hoarding becomes a major issue, which also causes food supply shortages. Towns are no longer safe, and security is a problem.

Yes, hyperinflation is real. And yes, it can happen during your lifetime.

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6. Lessons from the Siege of Charleston

Sieges have taken place throughout history.

For instance, the city of Charleston, South Carolina, has experienced not one, but two lengthy sieges on their city (one during the Revolutionary War and the other during the Civil War).

We may be quick to dismiss the possibility of living during a siege on our city, like those in Charleston, but it can happen. In the 1990s, the world watched the siege of Sarajevo, which lasted four long years. Just a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of people were trapped inside the eastern suburbs of Damascus under a government siege. More recently in the U.S, when rioters or protestors took over streets in Portland, Oregon, federal troops were sent in to prevent even more violence in the city.

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7. 5 Items You Must Have in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Once you have the “basics” taken care of, it's almost mandatory to stockpile adequate supplies (in bulk) of several other key items that make daily life easier and more bearable during a crisis.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the five kinds of items to store in bulk so you can build your personal preparedness plan for you and your loved ones.

But beyond that, we also want to discuss how to barter for things you’ll need during an emergency. Because that’s where the “magic” is.

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8. Control the Food. Control the People.

Henry Kissinger famously said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

History shows us this is true – especially when it comes to controlling food.

Many people would like to believe that famines are a natural phenomenon. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case.

Time and time again, famines are man-made and the result of political agendas.

Let’s take a look back at some of the worst man-made famines in history to better prepare ourselves for this sad possibility.

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9. Food Sovereignty: Feed Yourself, Free Yourself

When the pandemic hit America in spring 2020, many folks found themselves pondering where their food comes from when they suddenly found grocery store shelves empty.

Supply chain disruptions, combined with panic buying, led to shortages of many daily-use items from flour to meat.

For most survivalists, concern about food supply isn’t new -- as we understand the importance of self-reliance and food independence (which is why we weren’t the ones waiting in long grocery lines).

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10. Potential Causes for Economic Collapse and How to Prepare

As much as we’d like to trust that our economy is safe, history shows that’s not always the case. Moreover, scientists and financial experts have identified multiple weak points in our economy that are ripe for collapse.

That may be why an Axios study found, “Nearly nine in 10 Americans now worry about the U.S. economy collapsing, a view that transcends party lines.”

Instead of allowing the worry to move you to panic, take time to consider potential causes of economic collapse you haven’t thought of (listed below) and how they will affect your daily life. Use that knowledge to help prepare for the unpredictability of the economy.

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What a year it was! Keep reading and keep preparing for the strange days ahead, friends.

In liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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