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The Climate Isn’t the Problem. America’s Grid Is.

June 28, 2024 0 Comments

A row of power lines beneath a scorching sun.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, there is something you need to know: America will soon face massive long-term power outages.

Storms and climate aren’t the problem... the power grid is the problem.

Our grid is not ready for what’s coming.

They can blame the weather all they want, but there is plenty of evidence that America's power grid is weak and old... and will continue to break. 

Unless you trust the government to invest trillions into the grid, you must start preparing right now. Just look at third-world countries for what’s coming.

The truth is: having backup power isn’t just a luxury or an emergency item you stick in your garage... it’s a necessity.

I’m not just blowing smoke.

There is undeniable proof and cold, hard facts that show how fragile the grid is. Let’s dive in, shall we? 

Power Outages Are Increasing

A person shining a small flashlight into a breaker box in the dark.

We’ve all experienced a power outage at some point.

It may have been due to severe weather or, for those folks in California, government-controlled rolling blackouts.

They are just going to get more frequent—and last longer.

Data shows the number of power outages has increased.

A Wall Street Journal report explains, “In 2000, there were fewer than two dozen major disruptions, the data shows. In 2020, the number surpassed 180. Utility customers on average experienced just over eight hours of power interruptions in 2020, more than double the amount in 2013, when the government began tracking outage lengths.”

Over the last decade, severe storm outages increased by 74% compared to the previous ten years. 

Consider these stats:

  • Increasing Duration: The average duration of power outages in the United States grew from about 3.5 hours to more than 7 hours between 2013 and 2021.

  • Increasing Frequency: An analysis updated by Climate Central shows a 67% increase in major power outages from weather-related events since 2000. This trend is consistent across 34 states and Washington, D.C., indicating a nationwide challenge in managing power outages caused by extreme weather.

  • Growing Risks and Projections: The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has projected that more frequent and prolonged power outages will continue over the coming decade due to various factors.

Now add in the fact that power companies will act in advance much quicker this year and in the future to prevent another Maui or PGE wildfire outbreak from occurring during high winds.

As I said... it’s only going to get worse. 

The Grid Is the Problem

Power grid failure error on a broken screen.

You need to be reading the writing on the wall.

The problem isn’t the climate. The problem is our extremely fragile grid.

Keep in mind that there are multiple factors that can cause our grid to go down, including:

  • Severe weather
  • Solar flares 
  • Cyberattacks
  • EMP attacks
  • Physical attacks

In April 2014, there was a major attack on the electric grid in California, with snipers taking out 17 giant transformers funneling power to Silicon Valley.

Rebecca Smith reported, “It is an incident of which few Americans are aware. But one former federal regulator is calling it a terrorist act that, if it were widely replicated across the country, could take down the U.S. electric grid and black out much of the country. The attack was ‘the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.’”

The problem is that the electric grid we have is old, and it has not been updated. The older the grid gets without being updated, the weaker it is.

Updating the grid will be costly—so much so that the government would rather blame other things for the increasing power outages than pay to fix the real problem.

Glenn Beck explains, “It is estimated that our energy grid already today needs $7 trillion in upgrades. What are they doing? They're not upgrading the power grid; instead, they're trying to sell you electric cars, which will put more demands on the already antiquated power grid!”

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Backup Power Is Now a Necessity 

A stack of Grid Doctor generators with several solar panels set up outside a small house.

Given our nation’s fragile grid and the state of the world, it’s necessary to invest in backup power.

And, friends, you will need a backup solar power source sooner rather than later.

Take a minute and consider everything in your home that requires energy to run.

Here are just a few examples of major appliances that require energy:

  • Lights
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Air conditioning
  • Space heaters
  • Water pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Coffee machine
  • Medical equipment (e.g., CPAP machines)

Plus, there are all the small handheld devices we’ve become reliant on.

If the grid goes down for a couple of hours, you can survive with a small solar generator and just say "goodbye" to whatever you have in the freezer.

The New Go-To Choice for Serious Preppers

Trust me, you will need much more power than you think.

This is where people run into problems. They buy one small solar power generator and believe they are prepared.


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If the grid goes down for an extended period of time, you will need backup power that is able to keep your house running.

That’s why the Grid Doctor 3300 is the wisest investment choice.

Want to power your entire kitchen? Run multiple space heaters at the same time? The NEW Grid Doctor 3300 Solar Generator System makes it possible.

Utilizing solar energy, the generator doesn’t need gas to keep running, and it is safe to use indoors.

You can charge the generator while you use it to power your electric appliances, such as your microwave, and digital devices, like mobile phones.

Plus, the Grid Doctor is equipped with AC, 12V DC, USB-A 3.0, and USB-C PD 30W and 60W ports to power it all: mobile phones, mini refrigerators, and ham radio mobile base stations.

This uninterrupted power supply allows you to always keep essential electronics operational.

Want to keep the energy flowing all the time? 

The Grid Doctor 3300 can be paired with the Grid Doctor 2200XP expansion battery for up to 16,384 watt hours.

Plus, the Grid Doctor 3300 allows users to connect up to four solar panels at once to utilize even more power from the sun.

Hit "buy" on backup power supplies before it’s too late, friends.


In liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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