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What the Heck Is Happening in Holland?

May 11, 2023 0 Comments

Just a few years ago in 2017, National Geographic ran a feature entitled “This Tiny Country Feeds the World” with the tagline, “The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant by showing what the future of farming could look like.”

Today, the European Union and the Dutch government have done a complete 180° and are forcibly buying out farms to “help the environment.”

The Dutch Department for Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality released a map showing which farmland areas had to reduce their emissions and by the amount. The map suggested that, in some areas, 95% of farming activity must be stopped.

As a result, farmers are being forced to give up their entire livelihoods. And it’s taking its toll.

Tri-State Livestock News reports, “There are many depressed farmers. The suicide rate is also high. Farming is now in the top 10 occupations with the most suicides.”

What’s happening in Holland is deadly serious, and it could be coming our way.

How It Started

Since 2019, Dutch farms have been blamed for the Netherlands’ high levels of greenhouse-gas emissions, especially nitrogen emissions, caused by fertilizers and cattle excrement.

With the blame placed on farms, farmers have been asked to make drastic changes to their farming processes, such as significantly reducing the number of livestock or stopping farming altogether.

In the beginning, the government planned to reduce livestock numbers by 25 percent.

The legislation back in 2019 was alarming enough for Dutch farmers to begin protesting.

They haven’t stopped.

What Is Happening Now

The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers – second only to the US.

And now, the European Union is literally taking away their farms.

Just a week ago, the European Union approved a plan where the Dutch government will start buying out farmers’ businesses at between 100-120% of their appraised value as part of its goal to cut nitrogen emissions in half by 2030.

While you might think this is a tempting money offer, there’s a catch – farmers who agree to this buyout will not be able to start up their businesses elsewhere.

By taking the money, they agree that the “closure of their production capacity is definite and irreversible and that they will not start the same breeding activity elsewhere in the Netherlands or within the EU.”

If they don’t have 3,000 farms volunteer to take this incentive, the government will seize whichever farms they deem fit.

Spiked explains, “Farmers and their supporters, however, are deeply suspicious of the offer. They claim that farmers are being backed into an unenviable corner. Many farmers will struggle to survive if they reduce their yields in order to meet the EU’s emissions target. They feel that the government is not really offering a choice at all. They feel they either have to accept the buy-out or face ruin.”

Why Farmers Are Fuming

Farmers in Holland know they are being mistreated and pushed out of a job (and life) they love.

Dutch goat dairy operator Klaas Meekma explains, “It’s a real shame how farmers are being treated in the Netherlands. They are being pushed out to make room for industry, aviation, transportation, solar fields, and housing of the growing numbers of immigrants.”

Meekma adds, “It’s ludicrous that the national airport Schiphol Amsterdam and lots of industrial companies have no nature permits, and farmers are now being sacrificed to facilitate these other activities.”

Speaking of airports, airlines and construction companies are swiftly buying up farms because they receive nitrogen credits – even though they also produce gases bad for the environment.

Some farmers also believe there are ulterior motives far removed from nitrogen fears, such as the need for new housing in the Netherlands.

Additionally, the farmers say the government keeps changing their numbers (such as how many farms need to go) and making new regulations.

Dutch dairy farmer Ad Baltus claims, “Every time the government throws new figures out. This time, it’s the nitrogen, then it’s the water quality, and then it’s the biodiversity, then there is CO2. Every time there comes new regulation, young farmers worry about their future.”

Simply put, they can’t trust the government and they are fearful of what “excuse” the government may use next to take away their farmlands and livelihoods.

How It Will Affect the Global Food Supply

It truly is a shame to consider how the global food supply may be affected by what is happening in Holland – especially considering the country’s own history with food insecurity.

Vox explains, “After a horrific famine during World War II killed more than 20,000 Dutch, the government heavily invested in its agricultural sector through subsidies, rural infrastructure, and industrialization. Two decades ago, it pledged to grow twice as much food with half as many resources, a goal it has already far exceeded. Today, the Netherlands produces 6 percent of Europe’s food with only 1 percent of the continent’s farmland.”

How frustrating it must be for the farmers who went above and beyond to boost food supplies only to be told they need to cut back or quit completely.

If you drastically cut off farms in a country that exports so much food, you can expect food supply issues.

According to FEE Stories, “Such drastic hampering of Holland’s farming industry, both directly and indirectly through the hampering of connected industries such as energy, will put thousands of farmers out of work, reduce food availability, and increase food prices internationally at a time when food insecurity is on the rise.”

While more economically strong countries will overcome, other countries will experience rising starvation.

How It Brings Up Other Fears

We’ve shared our concerns before about the 2030 agenda or The Great Reset.

If you haven’t read about it yet, you can find it HERE.

One thing that stands out is the World Economic Forums’ eight predictions for 2030, which includes: “You’ll eat less meat. An occasional treat, not a staple. For the good of the environment and our health.”

How does this relate?

In 2018, the Dutch government made recommendations that the country transition away from animal products to plant-based products by 2030.

Vox reports, “The world’s first lab-grown or ‘cultivated’ hamburger was created by Dutch scientist Mark Post, and last year, the Dutch government invested $65 million into cultivated meat research, with plans to invest at least another $272 million. Six months later, the city of Haarlem banned meat advertisements, and last month, the city of Altena — in partnership with WUR — launched a ‘Plant-Based Together’ pilot program to influence its 55,000 residents to opt for more vegetarian meals. Also last month: the Ministry of Agriculture — also in partnership with WUR — announced the goal of doubling legume consumption by 2030.”


Farmers have said they believe the government has ulterior motives in taking their farms, and the heavy push towards plant-based sources seems fitting.

Will America Be Next?

Unfortunately, it seems very possible (and likely) that the same thing will happen in America.

We’ve already reported on the war on America’s farmers and farmland.

Essentially, we are already regulating our farmers out of business for similar reasons (green initiatives).

Plus, billionaires, such as Bill Gates, are buying up huge amounts of farmland. Why is this similar? Like Holland’s lab-grown hamburger, Bill Gates pushes for lab-created food sources.

Speaking of wealthy Americans with “big ideas” – “In his annual letter to shareholders, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon suggested that the U.S. government and climate conscious corporations may have to seize citizen’s private property to enact climate initiatives while there is still time to stave off climate disasters.”

The similarities are strong.

How You Can Prepare

This is not a scare tactic. We are seeing what is happening in Holland in real time. It is awful.

Moreover, we are aware it is headed our way. Use this knowledge to prepare.

  1. Support your local farmers. It’s more important than ever before to support farmers. Visit the local farmers’ market. Get your meat from a local butcher. Subscribe to a CSA. Ask questions. Show your support.
  2. Grow your own food. With the global food supply in danger, it is critical to start growing your own food. Now’s the time to buy seeds.
  3. Stock up. As the food supply dwindles, grocery shelves will get thinner. Avoid running out of food by keeping a pantry full of emergency food.

Don’t ignore what is happening, friends.

In liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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