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Survival food for short-term emergencies lasting 3 days to 3 months:
blizzards, natural disasters, power outages, job loss.

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Patriot Pantry Emergency Survival Coffee Sample Franklin's Finest Coffee - Sample Pouch (60 servings)

This 60 serving sample is the perfect way to try Franklin's Finest, the FIRST EVER emergency survival coffee with up to a 25-year shelf life. 100% pure coffee!

Our Low Price: $9.95

Patriot Pantry Single Survival Pizza Kit Single Survival Pizza - Sample Kit

SAMPLE! Everything included to make a delicious homemade pizza. Any night during an emergency can be a pizza night! Shelf life of up to 20 years.

Our Low Price: $12.95

Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Survival Food Kit | 16 Serving Sample Pack 72-Hour Kit - Sample Pack (16 servings)

This emergency food kit provides a sampling of our delicious Patriot Pantry products. For your "go" bag, the car, camping and hunting. Up to 25-year shelf life.

List Price: $27.95
Patriot Price: $24.95
Save $3.00

Survival Shot Emergency Survival Food Supplement Vitamins and Minerals Survival Shot - Emergency Survival Food Supplement

MUST INCLUDE! A 30-day supply of essential vitamins & minerals. A must for any food storage plan. Power-packed with what your body needs.

Patriot Price: $29.95
Deal of the Day Price: $22.95
Save $7.00

1-Week Emergency Food Supply - Patriot Pantry Food Storage 1-Week Food Supply (40 servings)

Provides one adult with 40 servings of healthy, storable food for 7 days. A perfect starter emergency food kit for blizzards, power outages and floods.

Our Low Price: $67.00
Deal of the Day Price: $57.00
Save $10.00

Patriot Pantry Two Week Supply of Survival Food 2-Week Food Supply (70 servings)

Provides one adult with 70 servings of delicious, storable food and a drink for 14 days. 25-year shelf life. For short-term emergencies.

Our Low Price: $117.00

Preparedness Survival Starter Tote Preparedness Survival Tote (10 items)

BEST SELLER! A variety of ten best-selling tools, food and water filtration essentials for survival. Great for short-term emergencies. Have one at home, at work and in the car.

List Price: $140.00
Patriot Price: $117.00
Save $23.00

Patriot Pantry Four Week Emergency Food Supply with Rugged Tote 4-Week Food Supply (140 servings, 1 tote)

Get 140 servings of Patriot Pantry survival food. It's the most delicious, nutritious long term food available. Easy to prepare. Included rugged tote. FREE shipping!

Patriot Price: $230.00

Three Month Emergency Food Supply 3-Month Food Supply (450 servings, 2 totes)

Provides one adult with 450 servings of healthy, storable food and drinks for 90 days. Up to 25-year shelf life. Packed in two rugged, slimline totes. FREE shipping!

List Price: $547.00
Patriot Price: $497.00
Save $50.00


Short-Term Emergency Survival Food

My Patriot Supply's short-term survival food kits are useful for emergencies ranging from three days to three months.

Each food kit is balanced and nutritious to give you the energy needed for short-term survival. Our freeze-drying method seals in the original flavor of the natural ingredients. You receive the best nutrition without sacrificing taste.

Perfect for Any Short-Term Crisis or Emergency
We want to ensure you get best short-term emergency food kit for your home. Here are some guidelines:

  • Worried about power outages or blackouts? We recommend at least a 1-Week Supply.
  • What about natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes or blizzards? See if a 4-Week Supply is right for you.
  • If you want to prepare for short-term national emergencies, we recommend our 3-Month Emergency Food Supply.

All our Best-Selling Emergency Food Supplies give you:

  • Easy-to-prepare meals, drinks and snacks
  • Up to a 25-year shelf life
  • Recipes with no GMO ingredients and no added MSG
  • Convenient storage with slim-line totes

Need Something for the long-term?
Choose from our range of Long-Term Survival Food Kits.