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10 Legendary American Warriors: What They Teach about Preparedness

May 23, 2024 0 Comments

Soldiers hiking in a snowy forest.

We don’t know where we would be without the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. All we can do is recognize them and honor them.

The same can be said for those who continue to serve our country.

This Memorial Day, we hope you can take some time to remember those who came before us, fought for us, and taught us.

Read on to learn more about some of America’s most legendary warriors. 

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Desmond Doss

If you’ve seen the film Hacksaw Ridge, you know Desmond Doss.

Desmond Doss was deeply religious and a pacifist, but even so, he did not use his chance to defer WWII. Instead, he enlisted for the Army Medical Corps as a noncombatant.

During the campaign at Hacksaw Ridge, Doss treated injured men and carried them to safety.

Eventually, Doss was the only medic remaining, and he continued to rescue and treat injured soldiers.

Here are just a few of the things he did during the battle:

  • Lowered men one by one by rope sling to safety
  • Rescued 75 soldiers in a day
  • Treated his own grenade injury 
  • Waited five hours for rescue
  • Gave up his stretcher to another soldier
  • Made a splint out of rifle stock when he shattered his arm

Doss, without using a gun, saved the lives of many men – including himself.

What Preppers Can Learn: Knowing first aid and how to create makeshift emergency supplies is beneficial. 

Henry Johnson

A barricade on a battlefield with soldiers lying beneath it in wait with their weapons.

Henry Johnson is one of the heroes of World War I. 

As one of the first African American soldiers in combat, he bravely protected his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. 

According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society:

“When his fellow soldier was badly wounded and being carried away by the enemy, Private Johnson exposed himself to grave danger by advancing from his position to engage the two enemy captors in hand-to-hand combat. Wielding only a knife and gravely wounded himself, Private Johnson continued fighting, defeating the two captors and rescuing the wounded soldier. Displaying great courage, he continued to hold back the larger enemy force until the defeated enemy retreated leaving behind a large cache of weapons and equipment and providing valuable intelligence. Without Private Johnson's quick actions and continued fighting, even in the face of almost certain death, the enemy might have succeeded in capturing prisoners and the outpost, without abandoning valuable intelligence.”

What Preppers Can Learn: It is necessary to learn how to defend yourself using whatever weapons you have available. In addition, take advantage of any weapons and equipment you find.

Audie Murphy

One of the most well-known legendary American warriors is Audie Murphy.

Growing up in poverty and extremely small, Murphy was an unlikely hero.

Only allowed into the military for non-combat due to his small size, he made his way to be a front-line warrior because he was a proficient marksman. Eventually, he became one of the most decorated combat veterans.

One of his heroic moves included jumping onto a burning tank to hold off the enemy. 

What Preppers Can Learn: Becoming proficient in skills can take you from the back to the front of the lines. This is true in all areas. When you want to learn a new prepper skill, such as preserving food or gardening, it takes time. But, if you keep at it, you can become proficient.

Tibor Rubin

Tibor Rubin survived the Holocaust and went on to serve in the Korean War.

After spending years of his life in a concentration camp, he eventually was held as a Prisoner of War in North Korea for 30 months.

According to the U.S. Army Medal of Honor:

“Years in a Nazi concentration camp had taught Rubin ways of survival that most humans never need know. He knew how to make soup out of grass, what weeds had medicinal qualities and that the human body can sometimes prevail if a person's mind is in the right place. What his comrades needed, Rubin knew, was hope — hope to keep them moving and hope to make them fight for their lives. […] He held pep talks, reminding the Soldiers of the families awaiting their safe return home. He stole food for them to eat, nagged them to ‘debug’ themselves of the relentless lice and even nursed them through sickness.”

What Preppers Can Learn: Rubin had many survival skills and used them to save himself and other prisoners of war. More importantly, Rubin understood hope is necessary for survival.

Matthew Urban

Soldiers huddled on a sandy beach in full combat gear.

Matthew Urban fought for his country repeatedly and is one of America’s most decorated soldiers.

After being wounded and evacuated to England during WWII, he hitchhiked back to his unit after hearing of their losses in Normandy. 

He was repeatedly wounded and continued to fight, even refusing to be evacuated again until he knew his men had won the battle.

The U.S. Department of Defense explains, “Urban's courage and extraordinary actions became legendary to the soldiers in his battalion, as well as among the enemy. In fact, he’d earned the nickname ‘The Ghost’ from the Germans because he kept coming back to the fight.” 

What Preppers Can Learn: The first thing we can learn from Urban is to never stop fighting for what you love. But we can also learn from Urban’s nickname ‘The Ghost.’ Knowing how to blend in and go unnoticed like a Grey Man is key to survival. 

Alvin York

Growing up in rural Tennessee, Alvin York knew how to shoot and hunt, which eventually made him an excellent soldier during World War I.

According to History, “York would make his name on October 8, 1918, in a famous incident during the Meuse-Argonne offensive. He and around 17 other Americans had just captured troops from a German regiment when they found themselves under heavy fire from enemy machine guns. Nine of the Americans were quickly wounded or killed, but York—a crack shot from his days as a turkey hunter—escaped unscathed and began picking off the German gunners with his rifle. When six of the enemy tried to charge York with bayonets, he drew his .45 pistol and shot them all. He soon forced the remaining Germans to surrender.”

After WWI, he moved back to Tennessee and became a farmer.

What Preppers Can Learn: What sets York apart is his hunting skills. Knowing how to hunt allowed him to not only get food for his family in rural Tennessee but also to protect himself and others during battle. Additionally, he understood the value of farming.

Edouard Izac

A Navy officer during World War I, Izac was captured by Germans but used his knowledge of the German language to gather intelligence information while there.

He eventually escaped the prison camp and even paused to draw attention to himself so other prisoners could escape.

History adds, “Izac spent the next several days sneaking through hostile territory and living off the land before swimming the Rhine River into the safety of neutral Switzerland.”

What Preppers Can Learn: It is wise to know various ways to communicate, such as Morse Code. Additionally, Izac survived his prison camp escape because he knew how to live off the land. 

William H. Pitsenbarger

A black and white photo of planes bombing an area.

Pitsenbarger fought in the Vietnam War as a U.S. Air Force pararescue jumper.

While in Vietnam, he would drop into trees, treat the wounded, and load them into the helicopter.

When it was time for him to jump on the helicopter, he stayed behind to continue treating the injured.

He built stretchers and passed out ammo to the men before he was killed in combat.

What Preppers Can Learn: Basic first aid knowledge is essential. Additionally, it is critical to have first aid supplies on hand.

Richard E. Byrd

While Commander Richard E. Byrd is often recognized for his brave military heroism in WWI, he also bravely led several expeditions to Antarctica.

As an avid explorer, Byrd knew how to organize and prepare for long journeys in extreme environments. 

Byrd is credited with making the first flight over the North Pole and was awarded the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor.

What Preppers Can Learn: Prepare for the environment you will be in. Byrd spent time planning for extreme temperatures, which allowed him to not only travel to Antarctica, but also live there for months at a time. 

George Washington

We top this list off with the most legendary of all:  President George Washington. 

While our thoughts first go to Washington being our country’s first president, what we should also recognize is that he was an American military hero.

Washington led his army through Valley Forge, which required survivalist thinking. His army faced extremely cold temperatures, medical issues, and a lack of food.

To battle the cold, Washington instructed his army to build log huts to house soldiers and families. 

Soldiers were also instructed to use straw for warm bedding.

To battle medical issues, Washington created a primitive hospital system focusing on basic first aid.

To combat the lack of food, Washington implored Congress to send more supplies. Washington appointed General Nathanael Greene to create a system of supply depots, purchasing agents, and wagon trains to haul food supplies into Valley Forge.

What Preppers Can Learn: George Washington recognized the importance of shelter, first aid, and food – and America won the war for this very reason.

Remember our American heroes this Memorial Day.

In liberty,

Grant Miller

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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